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Natural Beauty Tips to Look Beautiful

‘Beauty is skin deep’, so goes the good old saying. But, that does not rob the charm of enhancing your looks. So, hey there, beauty conscious, there’s just no harm in having some of the best beauty tips up your sleeves. For looking and feeling beautiful is a sign of health and happiness. And in an age where looking good spells confidence and success, it’s vital that you have the best beauty tips handy.

Buttermilk/cream and yogurt make excellent skin cleansers. They are also excellent for giving a glowing, uniform color and skin tone. They have been used for wrinkle reduction and plumping/rejuvenating the skin. What also works great is eating salmon 2 times a week. Salmon is very high in omega-3 fatty acids and is great for your skin and nervous system (it is interesting to note that salmon and spinach are 2 of the best super foods).A well-balanced healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to attain natural beauty. Drinking natural fruit juices will enhance natural energy of body. Fruit juices such as oranges, apple, carrots and cucumber juices are excellent beauty secrets that rejuvenate your skin, nails and hair. Drinking a lot of pure water, 8-10 glasses per day, is one of the best tips to enhance your natural beauty.

Regular exercise is the third natural beauty tip that everyone should know. Regular exercise pumps oxygen to our cells, which in conjunction with water, helps to rid our bodies of those nasty toxins. Exercise does not need to be hours in the gym a walk around the block on a consistent basis will do wonders for your skin and body.

Keep your skin clean and clear. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Cleaning the skin must be made daily using products that do not alter its natural balance or damage it. The skin is exposed to external aggression. By its peripheral position, the skin is unavoidably attacked by dust, pollution, which mingling to the sebum and sweat disrupt the balance of its surface. You need natural antioxidant cream to repair those damages.

One of the best skin care tips we can give you then is to go on an appropriate diet. And when we say appropriate diet, we mean a diet that is approved by doctors, dieticians and / or nutritionists. Not all diets are applicable to all body types, you know. An appropriate diet can help you lose or gain pounds (whatever your body needs,) and at the same time, give you that lustrous glow that only comes from being healthy from within.

Now many home made beauty tips have been introduced which really gives natural look without causing any damage to the skin where they can do on their own or with anyone help. The variety of tips are in use that which highlights your natural beauty in areas like hair care, blemish removal, skin care, make up, eye care and many others.

Top 5 Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Health

Following a few simple guidelines you can increase your chances of remaining healthy and enjoying a longer life. Start with small changes and gradually increase your healthy habits as your body gets healthier. As your health improves you will find you crave less junk food, and it is a lot easier and more fun to exercise.

Diet – We are definitely a product of what we eat. The challenge with today’s typical diet and lifestyle is that most people have no idea what they are actually eating. There may be a list of ingredients on the package, but how many of them can you identify? If you eat in restaurants, even if you select a dish you think is healthy you cannot know what all the ingredients are or how it was prepared. Food manufacturers and restaurants purposefully use ingredients and preparation methods to make you crave more of their product. Their goal is higher profits, not your health. Even foods marketed as healthy should be examined closely.

A nutrient dense diet is critical to long term health and wellness.  Be sure to eat “whole” foods and avoid any type of eating plan that restricts or eliminates entire strains of nutrients. Fat is essential to joints, organs and muscles. Even sugar, which has such a bad reputation, is critical to a properly functioning brain. The key is the right nutrients in the right amounts at the right time.

Another essential component of a healthy diet is plenty of pure water. Your body is almost 70% water. Purifying and replenishing this element is critical to your health.

Exercise – Physical activity is essential to maintaining health. Working all day and then sitting in front of a computer or television screen all evening causes muscles to atrophy, fat to accumulate and bones to become brittle. The muscles, bones and even the internal structures of the body are made to be utilized.

The key to effective exercise is consistency. If you are just starting out, begin slowly and add more as your body becomes stronger and more flexible. As your muscles start to develop and your joints begin to limber up you will find it easier to maintain a healthy level of physical activity.

Sleep – Not getting enough sleep can do a lot more than just make you tired. Consistent, quality sleep is vital to overall health and wellness. Many studies show that lack of sleep can have serious health effects. “There’s a need to look at sleep on the same level of importance as diet and exercise. All three are equally important for good health.”
Carl Hunt, M.D., director of the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research.

It’s important to understand the factors that can both hurt and help your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Simple behavioral and lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on your ability to get adequate rest. Be sure to schedule your day so that you have time to unwind before bedtime and plenty of time for sleep.

If you have had a long history of sleep deprivation you may have become so used to its effects as to not even recognize them as the effect of a lack of sleep. If you do have trouble falling asleep or if you do not feel rested after sleeping all night, there are many natural remedies that can help. Proper daily exercise is one habit that can definitely aid your sleep.

Nutritional Supplements – Supplements serve several purposes – to provide minerals and nutrients you are not getting from your diet, to eliminate toxins and purify the body, and to address specific health concerns.

No matter how nutritionally balanced your diet, the simple truth is that food no longer has the nutritional value it had 50 or 100 years ago. To get the same vitamins and minerals that one apple had 50 years ago you would need to eat 4 today. Getting all the nutrition your body requires to function properly from food means you would have to eat an excessive amount of calories.  Also, some nutrients are difficult to obtain no matter what or how much you eat.

Dr Linus Pauling, twice noble prize winner, said “you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

Stress, pollution, environmental factors, processed foods, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles increase the level of toxins in the body. As we age we continually compound the effects of these toxins by the development of free radicals in the body. A regular regimen of detoxifying supplements can help to eliminate toxins and reduce free radical damage.

While there are some supplements that are necessary for everyone, because each persons’ genetic makeup and lifestyle is unique, only you can determine what supplements you need.  There are also many supplements available to address specific health concerns. The key to effective nutritional supplementation is quality and purity. Do lots of research before taking any supplement. Find someone whose opinion you can trust and ask them lots of questions. Also, trust your own intuition. We have been conditioned to relying on a doctor’s advice and blindly take whatever is suggested. Only you know what is right for you.

Breathe – Start to lower your stress by taking time every day to consciously breathe. Take 5 to 10 slow, deep breaths, breathing from your lower abdomen. As you learn to relax and slow down your body will have time to adjust to the situation and respond appropriately.

Lowering stress is very important. As many as 90% of doctor’s visits are for symptoms that are at least partially stress-related.  Chronic stress causes chemical reactions in your body that result in physical symptoms of dis-ease. These symptoms start out mild, like chronic headaches and increased susceptibility to colds and may develop into serious health problems.  Your health is just as much a function of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes as it is what you eat and how much you exercise.

5 Benefits to Exercise

What comes to mind when you think of the benefits of exercising?

Most likely your answer is “getting skinny” or “bulking up” and that’s a fairly common response among people who exercise on a regular basis or who would like to exercise on a regular basis. However, what about all of the other benefits to regular exercise? Although there are many benefits to working out I believe the 5 biggest benefits to exercising are:

·         Burn Calories – I figured that I would start with the obvious choice. This is probably the most important benefit in the group because, simply put, the more calories that you burn, the healthier you will be. As I stated before, people often associate exercising with “getting skinny” or “bulking up but exercise is far more important than your physical appearance. Your physical appearance is secondary to important benefits such as strengthening your heart/lungs and reducing health risks.

·         Sleep Better – Sleeping better is one of the short term benefits of working out. Studies have shown that increased energy output has been linked to falling asleep on your own clock versus tossing and turning all night in bed. Studies also have shown that people who have late afternoon and evening workouts usually sleep better than the people who have early morning workouts.

·         Improve Mood – Exercising on a regular basis can have a domino effect. Regular exercise has been linked to feelings such as happiness and decreasing stress. However, it doesn’t stop there because if you start to experience these feelings often you’re going to want to keep it going with regular exercise, right? Further, you will look better from all of the results you obtained from a consistent workout regimen which will then increase your attitude and confidence.

·         Improve Your Attitude – This is a no brainer because people who don’t exercise on a regular basis usually have a hard time with motivation and lack confidence. Conversely, the more fit we are, the more confidence we have. Attitude & Confidence is extremely important when approaching different challenges in life. It takes confidence just to commit to exercising in the first place so if you can make that commitment, then you are already one step ahead of the competition.

·         Reduce Risks of Chronic Diseases – This is an important benefit that is often overlooked until it’s too late. Consistent exercise helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes (to name a few). Many times people will start exercising after their physician advises them to do so. However, why would you wait until you get one of these illnesses to start? Don’t wait – start today!

If you are already exercising on a regular basis, then that’s great because you are experiencing more benefits than you may already realize. However, if you are not exercising on a regular basis, then I hope that these 5 benefits convinced you to start exercising today – Have fun!

The Importance Of Healthy Foods And Healthy Eating Habits For Children

Many parents feel having trouble with healthy foods and healthy eating habits in their children. Not all children like healthy foods. Often we find a child who will not eat vegetables, fruits, or fish. Actually, the first must be recognized by the parents is that parents need to adjust the amount of nutrients that are consumed by their children for nutritional needs of each child is different. There are at least minimum standards that must be consumed for the child is fat, protein and carbohydrates. These nutrients can be obtained from the variety of foods consumed. Fat consumption to 30% of the total energy in a day is needed to absorb important vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.

Parents should not be afraid to give fat intake in children as long as the recommended portion. This is because children are individuals who are still growing physically and emotionally so that required different types of food composition.

Parents are expected to avoid the habit of unhealthy eating. Avoid giving unhealthy foods like junk food. In addition to the cooking process is not well cooked, junk food has a high salt content and various other chemicals such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial sweeteners. In fact, the habit of eating unhealthy foods has the potential to cause serious diseases such as cancer, obesity, cholesterol, stroke, gout, allergies or diabetes.

Establishing healthy eating to children, introduces healthy foods, as well as teaches children to make healthy food, indirectly create richer insight into the child. He knew what healthy foods to choose and where unhealthy foods to avoid

Healthy Eating Habits for Children, What should parent do?

Psychologically, eating behavior arises because children imitate the eating habits of other family members. For example, parents who like sweet foods will make the children fan of sweet foods as well. Habits of parents wash their hands before eating; will also be imitated by children.

In providing optimal nutrition for children, the mother of creativity is required. Therefore, mothers should adjust the intake of good nutrition for children, including quite understand how to deal with children when they do not want to eat.

As the process of learning, healthy eating habits provide many benefits to children, including self-confidence. Since childhood, children begin to learn to hold his own spoon, scoop the food, and sat in his chair (each time to be fed). Provide opportunities to the preschoolers to determine or choose the desired own food. At school age, cooking activities will also enhance self-esteem of children. Children become more proud when they can make their own healthy food. Also parents should also be more creative in serving healthy food for children.

What used to eat children today, will determine future health. Because of that, make it a habit to create healthy eating habits and give children a nutritious meal. Teach children to avoid unhealthy foods. Get used to read the composition of foods listed on the packaging. This can also be taught to children of school age, when he bought his own food that will consume.

Soursop Fruit and its benefit for Cancer Desease

Who does not know  Soursop fruit, the soursop fruit or graviola is known for besides it tested delicious, soursop fruit also has great benefits for health. Soursop fruit is well known as an alternative healing especially for people with cancer disease

Soursop Fruit Nutrition is as follows:
The Soursop fruit consists of 67.5 percent pulp, 20 percent of the fruit skin, fruit seeds 8.5 percent and 4 percent of the fruit core.
After water, nutrients that most of soursop are carbohydrates. One type of carbohydrate on soursop fruit is a reducing sugar (glucose and fructose) with levels of 81.9 to 93.6 percent of the total sugar content.
Soursop fruit contains very little fat (0.3 g/100 g), so it is good for health. Sour taste in soursop derived from non-volatile organic acids, particularly malic acid, citric acid, and acid isositrat.

Vitamins are the most dominant in soursop fruit is vitamin C, which is about 20 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Requirement of vitamin C per person per day (ie 60 mg), had to be met only by consuming 300 grams of fruit soursop. Vitamin C content high enough on soursop is a very good antioxidant to increase endurance and slow the aging process (stay young).
Minerals which are dominant enough phosphorus and calcium, respectively by 27 and 14 mg/100 g. Both minerals are essential for the formation of bone mass, so useful to form strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.
Efficacy and benefits of fruit in Spain known as the Graviola or soursop natural killer cells is recognized as a distinguished cancer with 10,000 times LBH magic stronger than chemo therapy.

A study which was published by the Journal of Natural Products which states that the study conducted by the Catholic University in South Korea stated that one chemical element which is contained in Graviola or soursop are able to choose to distinguish and kill colon cancer cells with LBH 10,000 times stronger in comparison with adriamycin and chemo therapy. The discovery of the most striking of the Catholic University study are: Graviola can select to choose and kill only cancer cells while evil healthy cells untouched reply or disturbed. Graviola not like chemo therapy who can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, the reproductive cells (such as stomach and hair) were killed out by the chemo therapy so that the resulting negative effects of nausea and hair fall. Study at Purdue University show that the Graviola leaves are capable of killing cancer cells effectively, especially cancer cells: prostate pancreas and lung.

When the experts of the Health Sciences Research Institute at the news miracle soursop fruit, they began to do research. The results were surprising. Graviola tree are proven as an effective cancer cell killer. The full story about the wonders of soursop fruit can be found in Beyond Chemotherapy: New Cancer Killers, Safe as Milk publication Mothers Health Sciences Institute.
Savor the miracle fruit and soursop actually long been known by researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Thus, NCI’s scientific research started in 1976. The result proved that the leaf and stem wood soursop fruit is able to attack and destroy cancer cells dangerous. Unfortunately, these results only for internal purposes and not published.
Here are some recipes how to cultivate fruit soursop for prevention and cure of cancer

For healing, can boil 10 leaves of soursop fruit
The old (dark green) into the 3 cups of water and
continue to evaporate and boiled water to 1 cup only.
1 cup water to a patient drink
2 times a day.

Soursop leaves are said to nature such as chemotherapy, even
more abundant because soursop leaves only kill cells
that grow abnormally and let the cells grow cells
normal. While there are still effects of chemotherapy also kills
some cells that are normal cells

Benefits of Having Exercise Equipments At Home

Day by day, people are getting more and more aware about their health and well being. The increasing pollution, stressful lifestyle and bad eating habits are some of the factors that are forcing people towards the bad health problems and diseases. This has made people realize the importance of regular exercise in improving and retaining good health. Despite of the fact that people know the importance of regular exercise, they find themselves unable to make time for their daily exercise routine.  In fact, most of the people like to use the proper exercise equipment that they find helpful in increasing the benefits they get from their regular exercise regime. For example, if a person does three sets of sit-ups with twelve repetitions in each set, it will give same benefits if the same person does three to five minutes on an abdominal machine. The exercise equipments are surely beneficial as they help you in getting more benefits in lesser time.  This also helps people to stay motivated for their daily exercise routine.

There is a vast variety of exercise machines available in the market that people can benefits from. Every type of equipment is designed to target a particular body part or area of the body. Most of the exercise equipments provide enough resistance, support and intensity at different levels to support best workout outcomes. There are elliptical machines, exercising cycles, treadmills, leg machines, weights, back braces, exercise balls and many more that are commonly sued by people for regular daily exercises.

The treadmills and exercise bikes are best for the cardiovascular exercises that target the heart health. The elliptical machines are used mainly for the whole body exercise. The weights are sued for strength training. The back braces are used to support the backbone during exercise and avoid any type of injury.

People can easily exercise equipments online India from the online fitness stores. Buying proper exercise equipments can be a very good choice as it gives a professionalism and scientific approach in your exercise regime. In addition to that, having exercise equipments home can save you a lot of money and time in the long run that your spend upon joining a gym.

Herbal Plants for Health and Beauty Products

Do you know that there are so many herbal plants that are being used to cure illness and used for beauty purposes? If you are a person who never cares to herbs, now it is time for you to give importance to them.

I remember when I was still in my childhood years, my mother planted different kinds of plants in our backyard. That time, she suffered intense hair loss and anytime soon, her hair will all fall and will cause her for being bald. She then applied aloe vera in her hair, thinking that they will grow back. I was very confused and thinking that she will gain no answer to her problem. But, to my surprised, her hair slowly grew back and few weeks more they even grew more and more.

There was also a time, when I had a toothache and was very painful. She then gave me a glove of garlic and let me chew it for a while. Well, as usual, it was very effective. She also said that garlic is also poisoning, which is a very good thing to know.

Those two herbal plants are not only very helpful to us. If we try to examine, there are still a lot of benefits that they could give. They are the cheap and best alternative medicine. Those are just the two among so many other herbal plants that are growing around us. Sometimes, we tend to under estimate their ability to cure and think that they are just nothing but useless. It is so sad that many of us believe more to the industrially manufactured pharmacological drugs than to those herbal products to cure even small kinds of illness or disease. When it comes to beauty, the good thing about herbal beauty products is that they have no preservatives, eco friendly and fairly versatile. Whether it is acne or pimples, white patches or brown, wrinkles or dull skin, herbal beauty products have a cure for everything. Massage and tanning oil, gels, all have their origin in flowers and plants.

What are the plants that are good alternative to cure illness and use for beauty purposes? Examples of these include: adelfa (leaves), which is good for herpes, epilepsy and snakebite. While papaya is best for eczema, sores, menstruation, rashes and even asthma.

The watercress is also good for diabetic people who suffer from diabetes. Herbs like spearmint and lime are good cleansing agents and lavender and ginseng coupled with a mild moisturizer works wonders in getting rid of pore clogging irritants, herbal moisturizers hydrate the skin and products like cucumber and cantaloupe are not only mild but also very light. Herbal scrubs containing crushed seed and the pits of fruit are also good exfoliates. Natural facial cleansing grains made of white clay, oatmeal, corn meal and tapioca with a combination of herbs act as good exfoliates. Facial scrubs consisting of coconut, fruits, almonds, plant extracts replace all the harsh chemicals and cater to individual needs and skin type. These are just few plants that we see everyday which we never know that are very useful and helpful. There are still a lot of them everywhere.

We know that there is no substitute for herbal products. They will be with us, as long as we live hoping that somehow they could let us see what they are made of.

5 Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are two fold. Not only does maintaining a healthy weight result in a better quality of life, but it also elevates your mood, making you feel happier and more self confident about yourself.

When you feel better about yourself, the desire to live unhealthy is greatly diminished. In fact, the hesitancy to eat unhealthy foods could almost be described as fear of reverting back to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the psychological benefits don’t
just stop there.

Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle #1 Better Relaxation

You’ll be surprised when your clothes begin to feel looser at just how much more comfortable you feel when sitting in a chair or laying on the couch. Until this happens you never truly know just how wound up the feeling of your clothes against your skin always made you. Being better able to relax means that you will be better able to let go of stress, which in turn means a better night’s sleep for you.

Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle #2 More Energy

Feeling more energetic means more productivity in your day-to-day living. When your energy levels increase you will notice that you accomplish much more in your work life, as well as your personal life, which in turn will leave you with a greater sense of satisfaction knowing that you worked a very productive day.

Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle #3 Less Depression

Feelings of depression often lead people to overeat as a way to relieve the feelings, but by feeling better about yourself you will find that overeating will no longer be an issue. Exercise, more than dieting, is great for accomplishing this. Exercise elevates hormone levels in the body that help regulate your mood.

Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle #4 Less Anxiety

Both men and women find that anxiety is lurking just around the corner whenever a formal event comes around that requires them to dress up, or worse, whenever they may be faced with wearing a swimsuit, but by living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight this anxiety will diminish.

Psychological Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle #5 Higher Self-esteem

Most people overeat and gain weight because they are upset with the way they look. Many figure that if they already are fat, then being a little fatter won’t matter much. However, if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen that helps you lose weight and keep it off you will find that as your weight drops you will like yourself a lot more. Not just because you look better, but because of the hard work and dedication you put toward reaching your goals.

Just imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning and like what you see in the mirror. To stand there admiring all of the hard effort you put into changing your lifestyle. It’s a great feeling and one which you can enjoy everyday if you’re willing to take a stand in your life and make a change for the better. You won’t be disappointed with the results if you work hard.

The Positive Effects of Eating Natural Health Foods

If you are ready to make that jump from junk food and quick meals to natural health food, then you must accept that it will take a considerable amount of effort and patience on your part.

All the junk food that you have been feeding yourself all of these years will have eroded your body. Once you start living a healthier lifestyle, your body is in for a battle of change.

Natural health foods are usually organic or contain little or no preservatives. Many natural health foods are also low in cholesterol and saturated fat. This means that sticking to a natural health diet by consuming healthy foods will help you eliminate energy reserves and lose weight in the process.

By consuming healthy foods that contain low levels of fat, you lower your level of hunger in the long run, as your body will be getting all of the nutrients it needs from less food. A natural health lifestyle is a way of getting the best out of nature.

You will find that you are much happier and easy going. You will also notice change in your moods for the better, since your body is healthy, making you happy. These basic improvements in your health will reinforce your diet, pushing you to eat healthier, lose more weight, and even tighten up your diet further.

Healthy foods will also ensure that you are bustling with energy; and once you have loads of energy you will have to find a way to use it. Allow this renewal of vim and vigor to lead you to explore options that may be new to you.

That will mean that you will find yourself going to the gym or taking up some new hobby, since your energy has to be used up somehow. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to actually maintain a natural health lifestyle. All your friends and colleagues will notice as you become more energetic and productive.

A natural health lifestyle also encourages positive thinking and is a gradual process. There is no fast and quick solution; only the reality of time. Don’t forget how many years it has taken for your body and metabolism to go down hill. One cannot expect a positive change to occur overnight.

And if you are aware of that, then you know that you are on the right track to making those crucial life changes that will only benefit you in the future.

Lifestyle and Fitness Philosophy

Philosophy drives attitude. Attitude drives actions, Actions drive results and results drive lifestyles! I read that in some business book or ezine somewhere! I think it is actually a Jim Rohn Maxim I cited in a Jeffrey Gitomer ezine. I LOVE IT! I love it because I am a philosophical kind of guy and it links your philosophy to who are, what you’re thinking, saying and doing and where you are right now! It makes you accountable for your own lifestyle, results, actions, attitude and philosophy!!! So let’s use this wisdom to reflect on our health and fitness and our life.


It would be somewhat obvious to say that our health and fitness has a big impact on our lifestyle! Anyone who ignores that fact is most likely encumbered by too much weight, lack of energy or esteem, low motivation, poor and/or failing health or even disability. The sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is restrained and limited – compared to the health and fitness lifestyle – which not only prevents illness and disease but empowers you with more capability and freedom in all areas of your life! Not happy with your lifestyle? Look at your results!


The state of your health and fitness really is the state of you as a person! Barring injury, illness or impairment (over which you have no control) – any other lack of health and fitness comes down to YOU! You might say you’re too busy, too tired, too poor or too whatever but the fact is they are all EXCUSES! If you make your health and fitness a priority –  you will make time to do the right things and you will get the results you desire. The results you get are the results you deserve based on your actions!


Want to get fitter? Watch more TV! Want to get leaner? Eat another cake! Doesn’t make sense does it?! It is almost despicable to say you truly want something and then do nothing to attain it! Or worse do something to push yourself further away! You actions are the cross roads where you can turn thoughts, dreams and desires into realities – results and lifestyles! Your actions are also the cross roads where thoughts, dreams and desires remain just that. Thoughts ARE nothing without action and it is our actions that are the only real expression of our attitude.


We are delving into the depths of the psyche now so let’s simply say attitude is what we think (our beliefs, feelings and values)! What we believe, feel and value affects what we do and have? YES!!!! So it is possible that what we think can help us or hinder us? Yes!!!! So it is possible that my excellent results or lack of results can be largely attributed to what I think, believe, feel and value? YES!!! And Guess what!!! You can change your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values any moment you desire!! You control these things – you control your thoughts and your body and it is not the other way around!


Speaking of depths it doesn’t get much deeper than principles and truths of being, knowledge and conduct. Our philosophy (what we accept to be guiding truths and principles) definitely affect what we think, what we do, what we have and how we live. If you doubt this try comparing two different religions and you will see examples of different philosophy yielding different attitudes, actions, results and lifestyles. Some of your guiding principles and truths may need confirmation (if they are leading you towards what you want in life) or reflection and re-setting (if they are leading you away from what you want in your life). You have the power to choose your philosophy – your purpose and your inspiration. Here’s a little philosophy that helps me:

“Health is a necessity for the duties and the pleasures”. You only get one life – I will ensure my health and fitness helps me to perform my duties to the best of my ability and helps me to enjoy the pleasures in all of their richness.

Raw Vegetable And Fruit Juices For Treating Various Diseases

Juice therapy is one of the widely used naturopathy used in treating a number of diseases. Raw vegetables and fruit juices are highly beneficial in cleansing the body system and rejuvenating the body.

There are various types of juices – sweet juices (grapes); sub acid fruits (apple); acid fruit juice (lemon and orange); green leaf vegetables (cabbage); juices from root vegetables (carrot and beetroot); vegetables fruits (cucumber). Juice of sweet fruits can be mixed with sub acid fruits. Juices of green leaf vegetables can be mixed with root vegetables. Juice of acid fruits may be mixed with sub acid fruits or vegetable fruits.

There are specific fruit and vegetable juices meant for specific diseases. Some important fruits and vegetables used in common diseases are as below:

1. Acidity- Grapes and oranges
2. Acne- Carrot and cucumber
3. Allergies- Carrot and grapes
4. Anemia- Beet and carrot
5. Arthritis- Pineapple and spinach
6. Asthma- Pineapple and radish
7. Bronchitis- Carrot, onion and tomato
8. Bladder diseases- Apple, carrot, cucumber and lemon
9. Common Cold- Orange and onion
10. Constipation- Apple, carrot and onion
11. Colitis- Beet and cucumber
12. Diabetes- Carrot and citrus fruits
13. Diarrhea- Carrot and papaya
14. Eczema- Carrot and red grapes
15. Eye diseases- Apricot and tomato
16. Gout- Carrot and tomato
17. Head ache- Lemon
18. Heart diseases- Carrot and lemon
19. High blood pressure- Grapes and orange
20. Influenza- Grape fruit and orange
21. Insomnia- Grape fruit and orange
22. Jaundice- Carrot and cucumber
23. Kidney disorders- Apple and orange
24. Liver Diseases- Grapes and tomato
25. Obesity- Lemon and orange
26. Hemorrhoids- Papaya and turnip
27. Enlarged prostate- Asparagus and carrot
28. Sinus – Carrot and onion
29. Tonsillitis- Lemon and orange
30. Varicose veins- Carrot and orange

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Copyright © Nick Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

Importance of Including Gluten Free Foods in Your Diet for Healthy Living

Gluten is a protein substance found in the food substances which are generally allergic to many people. This is generally found in the food substance like wheat, oats, barley, rye etc. The exact nature of the gluten is to make the dough a soft texture. It makes the paste of an elastic nature. Generally without gluten the roti would be little bit of harder consistency.

A gluten-free diet is a regular nutrition alternative which excludes the protein named gluten. It is found in multiple grains and food items such as wheat, rye, barley, and some other food items. The diet is recommended to people who suffer from the celiac disease. The nature of gluten is that it causes severe inflammation to the areas such as small intestines and the stomach. If you are eating gluten free foods, you can significantly reduce the burning sensations and other related complications. The symptoms are highly reduced, and it helps in the controlling of the disease effectively.

A gluten free food products are actually recommended by the physicians because the allergy caused by this substance is sometimes fatal and disastrous. When a person is diagnosed with a specific type of allergy the doctor may prescribe him with gluten free foods along with his regular medications. The person who consumes a gluten free food would be definitely allergic to the wheat products. You may see various other recipes online to find more on gluten diet and foods that are healthy for your body and can be good option.

It can be frustrating eating gluten free foods for a long duration. But you will find that there are many tasty options and other equally valued alternatives to gluten-containing items. The list includes gluten-free foods such as fresh eggs, dairy products, and fresh meat, fish, and poultry products. Fruits and vegetables are also an important part of gluten free diet and can help make a healthy body and glowing skin too. Make sure that you do not mix any of these items with food that contains gluten as it will be of no use then to avail a gluten free diet.

The major processed food items which run the risk of containing gluten include items such as Amaranth, buckwheat, arrowroot, corn and cornmeal, flax and many more related items. A gluten or GMO free food products helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you have severe complications. Switching to gluten free foods is a huge change in your lifestyle. It is a good thing to consult a dietitian who can properly guide you about your diet chart so that you do not miss out on important nutrients that can severely harm your overall health. Eat healthy food and enjoy your life to the fullest extent possible.

Nutritional Whole Food Vitamins To Ensure Healthy Lifestyles

You might have heard the quote that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As per the thinking of the people in the 21st century, beauty is less about the makeup; but it starts from within a body!

But a question arises, how it’s possible! The answer is simple, you should take nutritional foods to ensure good hygiene as well as a quality lifestyle. Although, food stands out as the ideal option for obtaining different nutritional requirements (If it’s grown on appropriate soil, under natural conditions). Therefore, you need to feed your body with healthy foods in order to live your day-to-day lives to the fullest. Besides, finest quality food and nutrient rich health supplements are required to gain energy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Where to Get Quality Nutrients and Vitamins For Your Body

Well, nutritious supplements extracted from organic superfoods are quite beneficial for your health, even if you are eating a good diet. As the organic nutrients and vitamins are in concentrated form, they can deliver a great amount of necessary nutrients and antioxidants directly to the blood stream. The presence of anti-oxidants and beneficial nutrients can offer plentiful benefits including improvement of nutritional content inside the body, assistance in anti-aging process and many more to get refreshing and young-like experiences.

How Organic Whole Food Nutrient Supplements Are Made

The organic whole food supplements like acai berry powder, acerola cherry, alfalfa grass juice powder and many more products are extracted from a wide array of naturally grown wild plants and fruits with extensive nutritional benefits. Grown in the high mountains and wild areas, these plants can contain up to 100 times more beneficial elements than conventionally farmed place due to different soil, water, weather, air as well as ecosystem characteristics.

However, the active enzymes present in the wholefood supplements can help in protein digestion, facilitate in digestion, help in splitting fat and many more benefits  to make sure the incredible benefits of wholefood nutritional supplements.

Moreover, both the vitamins and mineral rich products are harvested, freeze dried and made into powder by following a strictly monitored process to retain all vitamins, minerals and nutrients without adding any chemical preservatives. Thus providing your body with the bio available form of supplementation of whole food vitamins can ensure your optimal and nutritional health.

A Summary of Exercise & Mental Health

It’s common knowledge that exercise promotes physical health benefits (improved weight management, body composition, and the combating of chronic diseases) and the scientific community now offers ample evidence derived from hundreds of studies with thousands of subjects that identify exercise as an alternative or adjunct treatment for anxiety & depression. In the fields of mental health, exercise is not only related to relieving symptoms of depression & anxiety but also appears to enhance self-esteem, enable more restful sleep, and help people recover more quickly from psycho-social stresses.

Exercise Reduces Anxiety:

  • Best with “aerobic exercise”
  • Best after weeks of regular exercise (at least 10 -15+ weeks)
  • Best for those high in anxiety to begin with (including coronary and panic disorders)
  • Best for those lower in fitness

The fact that many meta-analyses identify exercise as an equal treatment for anxiety as many other commonly employed treatments is noteworthy due to its other health benefits.

Exercise as an Antidepressant:

  • Best after weeks of regular exercise
  • Best when done several times a week
  • Best with more vigorous exercise
  • Best for those who are more depressed

Major or clinical depression is the 4th most disabling condition in the world, and 2nd most in the industrial world. Depressed individuals annually spend 1.5 times more on health care than non-depressed individuals, and those being treated with antidepressants spend three times more on outpatient pharmacy costs than those not on drug therapy (Major Depression Facts). Regular exercise provides both a low cost option to relieve depression as well as a long-term method to improve & sustain ones overall health.

Since the early 1900s, hundreds of studies have examined the effects of exercise on mental health. The majority of current studies show that both acute and chronic exercise is related to a significant reduction in depression. These effects were typically larger than the anxiety-reducing effects noted earlier, and occur for subjects who were classified as non-depressed, clinically depressed, or mentally ill. The findings identified in Dr. Craft’s meta-analysis indicate that the antidepressant effect of exercise begins as early as the first session of exercise and lasts beyond the end of the exercise program. These effects are also consistent across age, gender, exercise group size, and type of depression (Landers).


Many current meta-analytic reviews identify minor, but statistically significant, increases in self-esteem as a result of exercise. These effects occurred in all genders and age groups. The meta-analysis by Dr. Gruber, focusing on childhood development, found that aerobic fitness created greater effects on self-esteem scores than other types of physical education class activities, such as, learning perceptual-motor skills or sports skills. Dr. Gruber also found that the effect of physical activity occurred more for handicapped compared to non-handicapped children (Landers). The meta-analysis by Dr. Fox identifies that the interactive effects of physical exercise & more conscious eating behavior produce both an increase in self- esteem, confidence, and self-control as well as the ingredients needed to sustain long term weight & body composition management (Fox).

Restful Sleep

The sleep meta-analyses conducted by Kubitz & colleges show that exercise significantly increases total sleep time and that aerobic exercise decreases rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Although REM sleep is a deep sleep, it is not as restful as slow wave sleep (i.e., stages 3 and 4 sleep; the deepest sleep). These studies also found that acute and chronic exercise relates to an increase in slow wave sleep, total sleep time, & decreases sleep onset latency (the time needed to go from full wakefulness to the first stage of sleep) and REM sleep. These findings reveal that people engaging in acute bouts of chronic exercise go to sleep more quickly, sleep longer, and have more restful sleep than subjects who did not exercise. Exercise created more sleep improvements when: (a) the individual is female, low fit, or older; (b) the exercise is longer in duration; & (c) the exercise was done earlier in the day (Kubitz).

Where traditional psychotherapy & medication may fail to treat depression & anxiety, exercise not only provides an effective option but also offers additional health benefits for all age groups & genders (Seligson).

The Beauty and Health Benefits of Rose Extract

Rose is one of the most recognizable and coveted aromas in history. While rose may have a bold smell, its acute use will delicately balance icings and garnishes. Rose compliments vanilla, chocolate, fruit and nuts. Also pure rose extract offers a beautiful floral bouquet and flavor that perfectly complements wedding cakes, icing and florets. Add just a few drops to your recipe for an unmistakable rose flavor. Find more at: The extract is produced by water distillation rose flowers. Rose oil, a very popular plant essential oil on the market, is the essential oil extracted from the petals of various types of rose.

Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. The flower is an integral part of innumerable stories, legends, myths and legacies. Rose is highly fragrant. It is very popular gift in Valentine’s Day. There are more than one hundred species of roses, with large showy flowers in many different colors. More importantly, rose has a long history of use for therapeutic benefits. Usually, flowers, petals, rosehips, root, root bark and essential oil can be used as medicinal properties.

It is a good way to relieves stress and depression to make a hot bath and sprinkle some rose petals in the hot water. Rose offer a soothing property to the nerves and emotional/psychological state of mind. It is regard as a mild sedative and anti-depressant. And rose can be used for arthritis prevention

Rose petals are a natural source of vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant which can block some of the damage that can result from exposure to toxins and free radicals. Vitamin C also aids in the production of collagen, a protein essential for healthy skin and hair. For this reason, rose always is used as a material in cosmetics. Rose is a brilliant skin toner as it tones the skin and help removing dirt, makeup and oil from skin. And it can also heal sunburn and wounds, as well as helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and reduces thread veins and broken capillaries. In daily life, rose oil or water always is used as home remedy for acne. Apart from being a good moisturizer, rose petals contain antibacterial properties helps to dry the acne.

Health & Lifestyle Chronicles

                ” Health is not valued till sickness comes” – Thomas Fuller.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most fundamental necessity of life. The benefits of a robust lifestyle far outweigh any alternative to it.  Without it, the prospect of enjoying the materialistic world seems to be a far fetched dream. It is very much inconceivable to hope for a healthy and lively  body without working out your way (and torso) to it.  It’s quintessential to engage in physical activities and sports. Moreover, a fit body body cannot be attained without paying proper attention to  diet. Striking the right balance between the two is the key to success.

Due to the globalized nature of our society, people find it extremely easy to have any thing at their disposal without involving any physical effort. This might be a boon for working individuals, who find it hard to juggle between their professional and personal lives, and hardly have time for other pursuits. But the lack of physical activity ultimately takes its toll on their bodies. Anxiety and stress only help to aggravate this situation. Our  unhealthy dietary choices often thwart any efforts, if any, in the right direction.

So, the million dollar question is: what is to be done??? One can begin with by evaluating one’s eating habits and dietary choices. Even merest changes will benefit the body. Ensure that your breakfast is healthy, be it oatmeal or cereal, make it healthier by adding chopped fruits, nuts and dates. Substitute unhealthy snacks with dried fruits and baked soya beans. Replacing your existing cooking oil, with Canola oil or extra virgin olive oil, will work wonder and boost the nutritional intake of your body. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and include plenty of vegetables in your diet. You must also be damn serious about engaging in workout, sports and exercises. An exercise should comprise of following three training programs: resistance or strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility. Besides keeping the body physically fit and intact, an active lifestyle also keep diseases at bay and avert the possibilities of acquiring health problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart diseases. Workouts lead to increased levels of opinoid peptides and endorphins that play an important role in the upliftment of mood and self-esteem. Thus, it can be said that synergy of healthy lifestyle and diet play a vital role to achieve that much desired corps athlétique.

Bamboo as Food and Medicine

Pandas eat bamboo, so why shouldn’t we? Many Asian cultures have used bamboo as a food source for centuries. But what exactly can bamboo offer to people as food and medicine? – Much more than originally thought.

Bamboo is rich in minerals and high in fiber, which can be a great addition to any nutritious, well balanced diet. Bamboo offers a variety of different amino acids, including eight types of amino acids that humans must receive from a food source, since the body does not manufacture these certain amino acids within the body.

While most would have to eat several different types of foods to receive these eight different amino acids, by including bamboo in your diet, you can receive them all in one serving! Imagine, eating one serving of bamboo versus choking down on several servings of fruits and vegetables.

Most food choices center on the shoots of the bamboo, which are tender and delicious vegetables. Once it hardens, the bamboo is practically inedible. But shoots are used in different recipes, such as bamboo candy, beer, chutney and even soup.

Much like fruits and vegetables, shoots have a season too. Since shoot blooming season only last one to four months a year, shoots are not readily available year round. Bamboo vinegar has also been produced for multiple reasons, including medicinal purposes. Bamboo vinegar has been used to treat various stomach disorders.

With bamboo shoots becoming more popular in western cultures, shooting harvesting can actually be not only a food source, but an economic one as well. Rural communities which rely on bamboo shoots for food can now rely on bamboo shoots as a source of revenue and economic growth within their small communities. It is a way that the entire planet can give back.

As medicine, bamboo can be used for a variety of ailments, such as intestinal disorders like diarrhea. It is also thought to promote healthy body functions, like the female menstrual cycle and while the bamboo leaves are known as an anti-spasmodic and blood secretion.

Boiling the leaves and mixing it with palms jaggery can induce labor in pregnant women or cause a spontaneous abortion of a fetus earlier in the pregnancy. Bamboo shoots itself aids in digestion of proteins and can promote stomach functions. While most of these claims are not completely substantiated by scientific evidence, the practice has been in place in certain cultures for centuries and proven quite effective over the years.

Bamboo has a rich history in Asian cultures as a material for strength and construction, but little else is known of its food and medicinal properties. Yet, as bamboo is explored and researched more, we learn more about this special and unique grass that panda bears have been enjoying for centuries. So whether you are looking for a simple stomach digestion aide or a nice addition to your backyard landscape, bamboo has much to offer you, if you will give it a chance. If pandas can eat shoots and leaves, it is not so unreasonable that we can too!

Simple Steps in Developing a Feeding Habit for Your Baby at Meal Time

Whеn уоu fіrѕt start tо feed baby, іt іѕ lіkеlу hе wіll eat оn hіѕ оwn schedule, аnd іt mіght nоt match uр wіth thе rest оf thе family.  Aѕ hе bесоmеѕ mоrе accustomed tо solid baby foods, however, trу tо time hіѕ meals ѕо thаt hе саn hаvе hіѕ meals wіth thе family, оr аt lеаѕt sit dоwn tо а snack whіlе еvеrуоnе еlѕе іѕ eating too.

1.            Start wіth Onе Meal

It wіll рrоbаblу bе difficult tо gеt baby tо hаvе thrее meals а day wіth thе family.  At first, hе wіll nоt еvеn bе eating thrее solid meals а day.  Hе wіll start wіth оnе аnd work hіѕ wау up.  Whеn establishing hіѕ оnе solid meal а day, уоu саn time іt ѕо thаt hе іѕ eating wіth thе rest оf thе family.

2.            Bring Baby tо thе Table

Pull уоur baby’s high chair close tо thе table ѕо thаt hе feels lіkе hе іѕ rеаllу а part оf thе family meal.  It іѕ а good idea tо sit hіm іn hіѕ chair еvеrу time thе family sits dоwn tо eat, еvеn іf hе іѕ nоt hаvіng а meal аt thе ѕаmе time.  Hе wіll gеt uѕеd tо thе routine, аnd wіll hаvе а chance tо watch thе rest оf thе family eat.  Frоm this, hе wіll start tо show аn interest іn feeding himself, аnd іn trуіng dіffеrеnt baby foods.

Lеt hіm play wіth а baby spoon аnd а bowl whіlе уоu аrе eating, еvеn іf thеу аrе empty.  Hе саn start tо practice thе motor skills needed tо feed hіm оnе day.  If baby іѕ eating finger foods, give hіm а small snack tо enjoy whіlе уоu hаvе уоur meal.  Thеѕе thіngѕ wіll kеер hіm occupied ѕо thаt уоu саn eat, аnd kеер hіm frоm feeling left out!

3.            Getting Evеrуоnе Fed

Feeding а baby whіlе attempting tо hаvе а meal уоurѕеlf саn bе а challenge.  Bеtwееn thе mess baby іѕ making аnd thе challenge оf gеttіng а bite іntо уоur mouth whіlе уоur meal іѕ ѕtіll warm, thе task саn feel lіkе mоrе trouble thаn іt іѕ worth.

Whеn уоu аrе fіrѕt hаvіng meals wіth baby, start wіth а dinner fоr thе family thаt wіll nоt bе tоо awful іf іt gеtѕ а bit cold.  Cold wraps, salads, аnd sandwiches аrе а good choice.  Also, trу tо choose foods thаt уоu саn eat wіth оnе hand whіlе feeding baby wіth thе other.  Give baby а fеw bites оf finger foods іn bеtwееn bites оf hеr meal; ѕо thаt уоu саn put hеr spoon dоwn fоr а whіlе аnd lеt hеr feed hеr whіlе уоu eat.

Feeding baby dоеѕ nоt hаvе tо bе аlwауѕ thе task оf оnе person.  Tаkе turns wіth it, allowing older children tо trу іt аѕ well.  Thіѕ gіvеѕ еvеrуоnе а chance tо interact wіth thе baby аt thе table, аnd mom wіll gеt а break аnd а chance tо eat а meal іn peace whіlе іt іѕ ѕtіll hot.

Aѕ уоur baby’s eating skills advance, ѕо іѕ уоur feeding therapy, уоu wіll ѕооn bе аblе tо offer hеr thе ѕаmе foods thаt еvеrуоnе еlѕе іѕ eating.  Cut uр а fеw bites оf whаtеvеr thе rest оf thе family іѕ hаvіng fоr dinner, аnd mаkе uр а plate fоr уоur baby tо try.  Chances аrе ѕhе wіll bе ѕо happy tо bе eating whаt ѕhе sees еvеrуоnе еlѕе eating thаt ѕhе wіll bе mоrе thаn wіllіng tо feed hеrѕеlf whіlе еvеrуоnе enjoys thеіr meal.

Why You Should not Eat After 6pm

If your tiring to lose weight one of the first things you need to do is stop eating after 6:00 pm. Eating late at night does not give your body time to burn it off before you go to sleep. The majority of us will have a difficult time tiring not to eat after 6:00 pm. More because were used to doing it. Completely out of habit though. A habit that is going to have to change. You probably know exactly what I am talking about. And possibly even eat late at night. So it’s important to know why. In order to fight and stop doing the late night eating. These are some of the reason we are eating late at night.

Not Eating Enough During The Day

While you definitely need to lower your intake to lose weight, if you don’t eat and starve yourself all day you’re going to set yourself up for a late night binge. By not eating enough during the day you are actually setting your self up to fail, by this I mean you will probably eat because you are truly hungry. Not habit. Not board. HUNGRY. Your in fact better off eating 4 – 5 times a day just a little smaller portions. This will in fact keep your body burn fat all day. Just eat the right foods in smaller portions.

Now what exactly are we eating late at night. Are we choosing fruit, apples bananas , or ice cream, cake and foods of that type.Think back and take a look at what you had the last time. Chances are they were. Unfortunately, these foods cause us the most problems. We also tend to eat more of these foods. And eating more means more weight gain Not the thing for dieting.

Eating Out Of Boredom

The reason many of us find ourselves eating late is because of boredom. Keep these tips in mind. Eating after 6:00 pm is something that can be hard to control, but will definitely have a large impact on the weight loss results. When your dieting.

Natural Beauty Tips for Women

The natural beauty of women continues to be the inspiration of poets, playwrights and songwriters for millennia. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Pretty is one thing you’re born with. But beautiful, that’s the same opportunity adjective.” Beauty is much more than skin deep however the natural beauty doesn’t rely on Nature alone. Women of all ages use simple, ordinary beauty ideas to enhance their looks.

Having a flawless, clear skin is among the most important things but simultaneously it is little difficult to manage. While you might have perfect skin inside your 20s but that does not mean you don’t have to take care of it. Follow simple routine practices to allow your skin shine even when are you currently are not-so-young.

Pure beauty tips aren’t just east to know but easy about the pocket simultaneously. You should look and feel great to give the a higher level beauty you usually wanted. It’s by no means always how beautiful you peer that means something, as suggests, but what you’re which goes into creating your persona that could make people notice you. Now couple of tips that can assist you in creating that persona:

It’s totally true that actual beauty shines with the thoroughly; meaning how you experience oneself inside, genuinely displays in your appearance. In the event that you have low self-esteem in most cases don’t really feel good with regards to you, eventually that’s how you will appear to the outside world. Don’t let people make the most of your various insecurities. Here are a few methods to boost your self-esteem that will make almost all the distinction in your general presence.

Obtaining enough sleep is really crucial to your beauty regimen. Sleep happens when your body regenerates itself during different times during the the evening. Stifling this process won’t lower your general health, however can think about a negative toll on your looks. If you notice that whenever you obtain less sleep, you’re starting to see bags beneath your eye or even circles as nicely like a less youthful shine. Goal to obtain about 8 to 10 hours of continuous sleep every evening and you can observe your body regenerate and appear stunning before your eyes.

One of the methods to instantly feel uplifted would be to wear clothes that make you are feeling good about yourself. However, this really is about more than just an outfit; it offers things like getting flattering haircuts and dealing out. The first step really begins with taking out every bit of clothing that the woman doesn’t have fun wearing when focusing on styles for women over 40. Carrying this out one thing can be a great starting to women to really focus on stuff that makes them feel positive and delightful. But always remember the importance of keeping your body healthy and well looked after in helping you feel beautiful.

If you are attempting to take a new method of their lives, the primary step would be to believe in your own beauty. Furthermore belief, several positive choices like only wearing outfits which makes the woman feel good. These changes may cause a huge impact on your life.Drinking lots of water is important to your body’s health. Soda, coffee and alcohol based drinks don’t depend; they only add more toxins for your overcome body. Water is what assists keep your optimum health because it detoxifies the harmful toxins away of the body and fills your tissue. It’s been suggested that everybody should drink about 8 portions of water every day, but when your projects doesn’t allow you to depart for constant bathroom breaks, drink just as much water as you perhaps can. Switch your unhealthy drinks and swap these for a glass of pure water.


The foremost and foremost of most splendor tips is regarding cleaning the skin layer. Your mind literally needs to “face” the cruel environment who are around you. So make use of a water-based cleanser to scrub your face at the end of the day or you return externally. A really cleanser won’t clog the pores if they are without requiring detergents, moisturizer and artificial fragrances, individuals with even most sensitive skin may use it. But then, as NY Wellness suggest, it’s not necessarily the expense of the merchandise that determines its usefulness; everyday goods like cooked oatmeal, tomato paste, and garlic could be good facial mask on the skin, particularly when it’s oily. Two more items that can make a really skin beautiful are mayonnaise and smashed banana. Just store all of them with your face for twenty minutes before washing off. For exfoliating the dead skin cells, consider using a mixture of 1 tablespoon of salt and quarter cup of ground coffee.


To include a definition to your face, ensure your eyebrows are well-groomed consequently some eyebrow complements the facial expression of someone. Trim through the night ensuring no irritation is seen every single day. Brush it to get rid of any loose hair. Areas pure Beauty Tips for Women on the way to pluck your eyebrows:

Start your eyebrow at the tear duct and then expand around the outer component of the iris. Stop just in the outer corner of one’s eye. Before plucking, apply an astringent towards area; utilize tweezers in an angle of 45 degree to pluck the stray hairs. Choose the fundamental and the direction of growth.


The last list of Natural Beauty Tips is relating to your lips. Your lips likewise need exfoliation and then for who make use of a variety of sugar and organic essential olive oil in equal measure. Make use of a toothbrush to make use of this mixture inside your lips in a circular motion. For safeguarding and repairing your lips, specially in the harsh winters, start using a lip balm. However, deciding on the best lip balm is vital, as Great Natural home remedies suggests. Adults should grab lip balms which have ingredients like rosemary and beeswax.

Does Natural Beauty Exist?

Everyone would like to be considered beautiful, everyone would like to feel better about themselves. It’s true that beauty does come from ‘within’ but there are a few tips and tricks you can adher to to make yourself look more naturally vibrant. Not only will you look more beautiful but you will also feel more beautful inside.

Looking good and feeling more beautiful has a lot to do with lifestyle. A few simple changes to your current lifestyle can make a big beautiful difference. Looking after yourself is about finding a healthy balance of what your body needs and what you do to your body. Your body needs certain nutrients in order to function properly, if you can make this part of an automated daily routine then in no time at all you will feel great and hopfully have vibrant, healthy looking skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin is also exposed to the elements on a daily basis. If you look after your skin, you are looking after the protective layer that shows people who you are in the physical sense. It is easy to neglect our bodies as we are so caught up in our hectic daily routines which is why we are going to discuss some of the small changes you can make to achieve a more naturally beautiful you.

As mentioned earlier, the skin is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, if you protect the skin you will avoid it looking more rugged and possibly prevent you from looking older than you actually are. You would benefit from using a daily moisturiser that has a minumum SPF 15. The sun is tha main cause of ageing in the skin, although it can also be genetic. Pigmentation changes appear on the skin that unlike beauty spots are not generally considered to be naturally beautiful. By protecting the skin, you are less likely to prematurely age the skin which in turn will make you look naturally more beautiful as it will be vibrant and not sun damaged.

To enhance the skin, which needs to be hydrated, simply increase the amount of water you drink in a day. Water is the cheapest and probably the most effective change you could make to improve the look and feel of your skin. If your face looks vibrant, people will look at you in a more positive way which in turn will make you feel more naturally beautiful.

Added to the above, a simple amount of exercise on a weekly basis will not only tone you up, increase your fitness levels but also make you feel more confident and full of energy. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and pump iron 5 times a week, 30 mins of exercise three times per week will make a massive difference.

If you feel better about yourself, then people will naturally be more attracted to you. Laughter and enjoying yourself also make you look and feel younger and more healthy. If you slouch, that’s the impression you will give to the world.

Natural beauty is about being true to yourself, looking after yourself and enjoying yourself without trashing your body.

We hope you find this article interesting and watch out for our other beauty related articles.

Lifestyle changes are causing Cancer! by

lanceWhat do female rockers Sheryl Crowe and Kylie Minouge have in common with the late television actrors Priya Tendulkar, Jade Goody, Patrick Swayze and cycling legend Lance Armstrong, other than the fact that they are famous? They all have been victims of Cancer at some or the other time in their lives! While some lost their battles against Cancer, others have come out victors and proud survivors.

Cancer as such is highly unpredictable, with around 200 types of Cancers having been indentified till date we are yet to find a complete and total cure for it. If that piece of news scares you, here’s something scarier for you, your Lifestyle can now cause Cancer too! Surprised? So were we, but on taking a closer look at our 21st century lifestyles, we found that there was nothing to be surprised about!

What is this 21st century lifestyle?

21st cenutry lifestyleEven though the 21st century has a fancy sound to it, there’s nothing fancy about it. Sure it has given us a plethora of inventions that have made our life easy and bearable, medicines and treatments which have resulted in an increase in our life spans! But at the same time we have had to contend with increased environmental pollution, hectic lifestyles and stressful work conditions etc, which have all contributed to the shortening of our life expectancy! Comparing lifestyles with our 1950s counterparts, we would be surprised at how high our chances of developing cancer are! A study conducted by University of Illinois Medical Center stated that globally, there has been a whopping 44% rise in cancer occurrences and this figure is likely to increase with every passing decade.

With its advent, the 21st century has gifted us carcinogenic triggers such as Trans fats, free radicals, chemical pollutants along with newer brands of cigarette’s, artificial sweeteners, obesity due to lack of activity and many other such triggers for Cancer!

How is our lifestyle causing Cancer?

There has been a huge change in our lifestyles since the 1950’s. Back in the 50’s life was slow, as compared to today less hectic, people were far more active then and diets were healthy too! Indians have undergone a drastic lifestyle change in the past few decades. We now have cars which have greatly reduced our physical activity, an increase in number of smokers and junk food along with Trans fats have replaced our healthy traditional diet! Industrialization has seen pollution and free radicals enter our air streams and chemical effluents from various factories are making our water unfit to drink. All these factors are posing a very serious threat to our health, that of Cancer!

Here’s a closer look at some of our current lifestyle factors, which can lead to Cancer

Increase in Sugar consumption

sugarEver heard the saying “Sugar feeds Cancer”? Well, it’s true! Cancer cells need Glucose to thrive and with our increased sugar intake we are providing nothing but fuel to them! We Indians love indulging our proverbial sweet tooth with an alarming regularity by means of the Mithai’s or our daily Chai, the gajar ka halwa, thereby increasing our risk of developing Cancer. To cut down our risk of Cancer, we need to control our glucose levels by watching our diets, exercising regularly and through prescription medicines.

Salty much?

saltThe recommended intake of sodium for any adult over 18 years of age is 6 gms, again our salt thirsty taste buds with their excessive need for salt push have pushed up our daily intake to an alarming 8-12 gms per day! This high sodium content in our diet increases our risk of Stomach Cancers. Salt consumption can be controlled by watching the amount of salt we consume in our daily diet and by avoiding junk food!

Junk Food is just that, Junk!

junk foodA heartfelt advice to our fellow Indians would be, to trash that junk food. A major outcome of lifestyle changes experienced by India is the rapid increase in Junk Food consumption. Junk food, fast food, street food is all the same when it comes to excessive use of salt, sugar, trans fat and preservatives like MSG- used to add flavor, sodium nitrites-used to give color and preserve the food, Food dye’s or edible colors along with Potassium Bromate are known to cause cancers in humans when consumed in excess!

Unhealthy Diet is really unhealthy!

vegetablesToday a major lifestyle change has found us Indians eating out regularly. Foods like Pizza, burgers, pasta, pav bhaji, Chinese has replaced our traditional nutritious fare! Our body requires anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to fight Cancer, instead by eating out we are consuming more Trans fats, preservatives and other carcinogenic substances! A well balanced diet which will boost our immune systems against Cancer should contain more of vegetables (preferably green leafy vegetables) along with foods high in anti-oxidants and less or red meats and foods laced with preservative.

Chemicals, they are everywhere!

chemicalsIndustrialization has been responsible for the presence of chemicals everywhere around us. In a 1978 report by the U.S President’s Council on Environmental Quality states that most researchers agree that 70 – 90 cancers are caused by environmentally present carcinogens! From Chlorine present in the water to cancer causing chemicals present in cosmetic products such as benzyl acetate, methylene chloride etc, we even have cancer causing chemicals, present in the air that we breathe, released by the exhaust fumes from our cars! Let’s not forget

Overcome Your Exercise Obstacles

We all know the value of exercise. It is the one thing you can do to minimize the effects of aging. It affects the physiologic, mental and emotional aspects of man. Yet, most of us procrastinate when it comes to working out. People give different reasons for not exercising. Some medical conditions really prohibit them from doing so, but one vital thing that we should look into is our attitude towards exercise. Try to examine yourselves. Be honest. If your excuses seem flimsy, try to see what’s holding you back. Following are some of the common excuses for not exercising.

Perhaps the most common excuse is not having enough time. Try to look at your daily activities. Prioritize it and see if there are activities that take too much of your time. Put exercise near the top of your to do list. You can start with three times a week. That way, you will see how it impacts your schedule. Maybe you’ll be surprised to see that you actually can make time for it. You see, exercise energizes you. When you are energized, you accomplish your tasks faster. When you realize what exercise can do for you, you’ll make it a priority.

People give the excuse of being too tired to exercise. Exercise can actually help you with this. Having a sedentary lifestyle makes circulation sluggish. However, when you exercise, your circulation improves, and oxygen is efficiently delivered to the brain and major organs, making you more energetic. Having regular physical activity revives you. Working out is also known to improve sleep. You will feel invigorated after getting adequate rest at night. If this is your most frequent reason for not exercising, then, you should get over it, given that you now know some of the factual benefits.

Some people are honest to say outright that they hate exercise. Physical activity comes in many forms. Exercise is not confined to just doing squats, and it doesn’t have to be done in a gym either. The key is to enjoy the activity that you are engaged in. The best thing is that you can choose your form of exercise. If you enjoy dancing, then enroll in a dance class. If you like to commune with nature, go hiking. You can buy an exercise machine so that you can work out at home. Nowadays, there are many options. And exercise doesn’t have to hurt. Perhaps some soreness, but definitely no pain. Gone were the days when no pain, no gain was the bodybuilder’s mantra. We should get it out of our heads, too.

Exercise improves quality of life. It minimizes stress, keeps you young and enables you to enjoy life better. Elderly people who regularly exercise are less dependent on long term care too. Making it a priority is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.

The Best Bet for Ailment Free Life is Exercise

Even the most casual of people in regard to exercise will find the truth in the headline. Regular exercise is the only sure and proven way of leading an ailment free life and one must indulge in the same religiously. Intention is though not enough in this regard as one needs to have sustained level of dedication to have a fit lifestyle. Lack of time and energy to invest for regular exercise is a concern that the urban populace especially feels. Given the right kind of attention to health issues, it is quite obvious that the modern man can still lead a relatively fit life. The secret lies in picking an exercise regime which is not only cost effective, but also time effective to say the least.

The most important aspect of keeping the good effects of exercise going is to have a certain level of dedication to it. This is where people lose out most. It may be lack of regular motivation or consultancy that keeps one away from continuing an exercise regime, even though it might be proving fruitful. This where the trained yoga consultants come in handy. The new age yoga consultants are well versed in oratory and other means of conveying consultation. They are trained in advanced yoga and are also endowed with the ability to diagnose ailments in people and suggest exercises to curb and cure those ailments.

There are some institutes to enroll to if one wants to turn oneself in a fully endowed yoga professional. The centres for yoga in Goa are enrolling in more and more pupils each year and that is something positive for the future of yoga in India. It is often observed that people refrain from regular practice due to the lack of the proper guidance. The yoga professionals remove that hindrance from their path and make room for a better lifestyle.

One of the most convenient means of attaining peak fitness it through dedication to simple yoga. Not too heavy on resources, yoga is the perfect tool to have a good and healthy lifestyle. The yoga professionals guide the pupils through various forms of asanas and pranayamas. The exotic exercises help one attain the perfect balance between body and psyche and thereby increase sense of happiness as well. The practice of yoga is slowly and silently regaining its position as a quintessential part of Indian lifestyle and rightfully so.

Treating Bad Breath or Halitosis With Lifestyle and Diet Changes

Bad breath or halitosis is a condition that almost everyone suffers from now and then. Luckily for most people its only for a short time. Many times it only lasts until they brush their teeth, use mouthwash, chew some gum or eat a breath mint. For others it’s an ongoing problem they just can’t seem to cure. The information here will help many of those people find a permanent cure for their halitosis using mostly lifestyle and diet changes along with natural treatments.

There are two main types of bad breath.

The first is called transient bad breath or halitosis and is a temporary condition caused by the food you eat (garlic or onions for example, smoking, dry mouth or not practicing good oral hygiene. Stephen Z. Wolner, a dentist in private practice in New York City says that a clean tongue will go a long ways towards warding off bad breath. Usually transient bad breath can be cured fairly quickly by brushing your teeth, chewing gum, using a mouth wash, eating parsley, gargling with salt water and a number of other methods.

The second type is chronic halitosis or bad breath which is worse than transient bad breath and has been estimated to affect up to 25% of the population. This serious condition is primarily caused by excess oral bacteria with the main cause of chronic halitosis being the streptococcus mutans bacteria. Another cause of chronic bad breath could be cavities in your teeth or even periodontis, says Wolner.

Although most bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth sometimes its caused by some type of disease in your body and even some of the medicines you taking will also cause bad breath. Luckily most bad breath problems can be cured by changing your lifestyle or diet.

Some common causes of bad breath are: foods such as garlic, onions or meat, too much coffee or alcohol, smoking, some medicines, not drinking enough water, bad teeth, too much protein or fat in your diet, bacteria on back of your tongue, braces or dentures, etc.

Tips to cure your bad breath or halitosis

1. Stop drinking alcohol or cut back on it, as it dries out the mouth. Drink water with your alcohol drinks.

2. Quit smoking or using tobacco products or at least cut down your usage.

3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your mouth as well as the body.

4. Think about switching to tea from coffee. There are a number of reasons to drink green tea and sweet breath seems to be one of them.

5. Do more exercising and calorie cutting to lose weight instead of using high protein/low carbs diets.

6. Cut back on the sugar as bacteria feeds on it and ti also to lessen chances of tooth decay.

7. Brush your teeth at least twice a day along with flossing.

8. Chew sugarless gum (especially the cinnamon flavor) to stimulate saliva.

9. Clean your tongue and inside of mouth with a soft toothbrush dipped in mouth wash.

10. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

11. Eat a guava. One that’s still green is usually recommended but a ripe one is also beneficial.

12. Brush your teeth and tongue with baking soda.

13. Use a water pick to clean your teeth.

14. Use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash. Be careful not to swallow any.

15. Drink fruit or vegetable juices especially tomato and pineapple juices.

16. Chew parsley after meals especially when you go out to eat as some is usually used for garnish

17. Gargle with salt water.

18. If you can’t brush your teeth after a meal at least swish some water around in your mouth.

19. Your low carb diet may also be a factor in your bad breath. A slice of bread may help.

20. Chew cloves, cinnamon or similar spices. Boiling them will also make a good mouthwash.

These 20 tips are just the ones that I know about and have used, from people I’ve talked to and what I’ve read about. Ask others what they use and you’ll undoubtedly come up with a lot more of them.

If you try all the above suggestions and you still have bad breath or halitosis you might want to see your dentist or family doctor to see if something more serious is causing your problem. Before you go to the doctor you might want to get a second opinion because “A large proportion of people who think they’re social pariahs with terrible breath don’t have bad breath at all,” says Wolner.

Various Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly

If you think yoga to be a not so interesting and boring routine for body fitness, then you are taming a misconception. Yoga is actually very useful and helps you deal with a huge variety of issues. It helps you lose excess weight, improves sexual health, and also increases your stamina. Apart from these, it also beats insomnia and migration.

Not only these, there are various other health benefits of yoga that you can experience while practicing it regularly.

Entire Body Workout:

Going to gym and giving some pushups is what most people think about when talked about workout. But workout is not just hitting the gym daily and pulling loads. Yoga is also a way of working out. It give you all the things that you get in a gym, but without the machines and of course in the most peaceful way. In yoga, you stretch muscles get a hard rock abs, strong legs and back, toned legs, etc. What more do you need?

There are various yoga classes in and across Melbourne, visit any of them today and get the perfect figure.

Helps You To Breathe Properly:

While performing any exercise in yoga, you are tough to inhale and exhale out air in the most peaceful manner. This controlled and repeated way of breathing fills all your body parts with fresh oxygen. This is because; oxygen is the only thing that people need in abundance while performing yoga. This also increases the capacity of your lungs and prevents “onset of cramps”.

Helps you calm down quickly:

Yoga says that practitioners need to focus and concentrate on their body parts while exercising. They ask full concentration of you in everything you do, whether it is an arch, or a simple meditation. This does not “over stimulate” your body, but makes you more composed and calm. Apart from all these, it enhances you concentration power that helps you in various aspects of life.

Improves Body Flexibility:

Most people today have a body that is not at all flexible, people cannot even bent properly for picketing up a pencil.  Well, in all such cases, yoga can be very helpful. It not only enhances your body flexibility, but also helps your muscles regain its lost strength. Flexibility is highly necessary in our daily life because most people are not gaining excess fat, which can only get reduced if you do regular exercises, which demands flexibility.

Helps you lose weight:

One of the most common advantages of yoga is weight loss. Practicing yoga regularly can help you reduce at a great extent and brings you in proper shape again.

Diet to control your high blood pressure

Weight Loss, diet therapy, initiation of regular daily exercise, limitation of alcohol consumption, and smoking cessation are the first to mildly elevated blood pressure treatments. If lifestyle changes to become permanent, they may help blood pressure problems or medication may be required.

Suffering from high blood pressure you should take care that he gets in enough protective as nutrients such as potassium, protein, vitamin D and polyunsaturated fatty acids. That they have sufficient asset to ensure a daily intake of a lot of vegetables, berries and fruits, whole grains and low-fat D-fortified milk products.

Also, exercise has been proven to cardiovascular and circulatory system substantial benefits. It is a significant factor in the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Capturing the care of blood pressure

Reduce salt

The daily salt recommendation, let alone a 5-gram, but most of the Finnish exceeds this briskly. Salt Reduction of the decrease in blood pressure, so take care not to eat too much salt. Pay attention to the amount of hidden: the majority of saamastamme salt comes from foods such as bread, meat products, fats and dairy products, the added sodium.

Ensure potassium intakes

The simultaneous restriction of salt and the addition of potassium is more effective than either alone. Potassium is obtained, in particular vegetable products. They are advocates enjoy a minimum of 500 grams per day. Then potassium should be enough, and also the amount of the fiber is maintained.

Enjoy fish weekly

A regular and abundant intake of fish or fish oil intake reduces blood pressure. The fish should eat about twice a week due to its good health.

Instead, you should avoid eating large amounts of red meat.

Dark chocolate can bring a little assistance

Recent studies show that cocoa and dark chocolate falling blood pressure. The effect is negligible, but can not afford to support other activities a little assistance.

Drinking dark chocolate can make blood pressure good, but a rich dark chocolate delicacy may increase in vain to lose weight. Be sure to stay with moderation!

Drop ylikiloja

Weight control is an essential component of blood pressure treatment and prevention. Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure. A permanent weight reduction has a positive effect on blood pressure and already 10 kilos drip may be helpful.

Avoid salty liquorice

Some people licorice and liquorice raise your blood pressure. Sometimes really high liquorice intake alone can not explain the occurrence of hypertension. Liquorice and liquorice are not, however, affect all of the blood pressure, but you should be careful about how much they have a taste.

Forget about alcohol

Alcohol large consumers are often of high blood pressure. Regular use of alcohol increases blood pressure in accordance with the dose.

While small amounts of alcohol can have positive effects on cardiovascular disease risk factors, there is a high use of alcohol is always detrimental blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, avoid alcohol, or hold, at least make sure that you stay in moderation while enjoying it.

The Two Key Factors to Staying Healthy


If you want to stay healthy, you need a simple diet that is rich in folic acid and other vitamins and minerals.  You also have to develop a good exercise program to keep your body active.  These are the two crucial factors that will keep your body fit and strong.

There are so many fad diet and exercise programs today.  However, most of them are really designed to fail.  That is because the diet programs are so complicated and hard to follow.  It would be very difficult for an average working person to stay committed to those programs.

If you want your diet and exercise regimen to succeed, you have to keep it simple and easy.  There is no need for you to struggle with calorie counting and food measurements.  The key to your success is to develop a diet that will give you enough folic acid, vitamins, and minerals.  Your exercise program must also conform to your regular routines to stay motivated and committed.

Why Develop a Diet Rich in Folic Acid

Contrary to popular beliefs, folic acid is not just suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.  Everyone needs folate to stay healthy and strong because it promotes optimum cell development.

Folate is crucial for the promotion of rapid cell division and healthy synthesis of DNA.  You need this vitamin in order to keep your cells healthy.  It is also important for faster production of red blood cells.  The unique functions of folate could make your body highly resistant to common illnesses.  You may also enjoy healthier skin tone because folate helps replace damaged cell tissues with healthy ones.

Of course, folic acid should be combined with other vitamins and minerals.  For example, you need to fortify your body with vitamin C in order to improve the absorption of B vitamins and minerals.  The combination of different vitamins and minerals in your body could promote overall wellness.

It Is Easier to Obtain Folic Acid

Folate is one of the most abundant vitamins.  You can easily obtain it from various food sources.  There is no need for you to develop a complicated diet system.  All you need to do is to incorporate green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet so you can get good amounts of folate and other vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables and fruits are your best sources of folic acid (Do you know that the Danish term is Folinsyre mad).  Greens such as broccoli, cabbages, asparagus, okra, green turnips, celery, and most green beans are readily available in the market.  The same is true for fruits, nuts, and seeds.  All these foods can be obtained easily from the local market.  So it would be easier for you to prepare meals that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

However, a healthy diet is not enough to keep your body healthy.  You need a regular exercise routine for the optimum functioning of your body.  So aside from a folic acid rich diet, you also need to be active everyday.

The combination of a diet that is rich in folic acid and regular exercise could make you healthier.  The good news is that folate foods are always available for you.  This gives more incentives for you to stay committed with your health program.

Low Oxalate Fruit: Can They Help Prevent Kidney Stones?

Since about 70 % of all kidney stones are made up by calcium oxalate, avoiding fruit and vegetables that contain a high amount of oxalate might be part of any strategy to avoid the build up of further stones. It doesn’t mean however, that you have to avoid them altogether, as you will see later on.

What exactly is oxalate? It is a substance that occurs naturally in plants, animals and the human body. Chemically speaking it belongs to the organic acids, the exact formula being C2O42−. There are two sources of oxalate for the human body. First of all it is produced within human cells, the body converts certain substances (like Vitamin C for example) to oxalate. The second source are oxalate rich foods, like certain fruit and vegetable. Recent research has shown, that the oxalate intake has a relatively small impact, other factors, like intake of water, protein and calcium also play and important role. Rather than strict diets doctors tend to recommend a diet reduced in oxalate, with “as little oxalate as can be tolerated” without compromising too much quality of day to day life.

So if your doctor told you to avoid high oxalate food, here is a small list of some of the groceries that you should use with moderation: rhubarb, buckwheat, black pepper, parsley, poppy seed, eggplant, green beans, amaranth, spinach, chard, beets, cacao, chocolate (sad, but true), some nuts like almonds and soy products.

What about fruit? First some fruit containing a lot of oxalate, that should better be avoided: Kiwis, black- and blueberries, star fruit, the peel of citrus fruit, grapes, gooseberries, dried figs, raspberries, tangerines and red currants. You see, the list is not too long, there is quite a lot left to get your five a day!

 Here a list of fruit low in oxalate: peeled apples, avocado, canned cranberries, green seedless grapes, lemon or lime juice, mangoes melons, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, nectarines, papaya and raisins.

Fruit that contains a medium level of oxalate: apples with their peel, apricots, black currants, cherries, dried cranberries, grapefruit, grapes, oranges, peaches, pears, plums and prunes.

Whenever you eat something and get this funny furry feeling in your mouth (think of rhubarb or raw blackthorn fruit) there is a good chance it has to do with the oxalate in the fruit.

Following a diet low in oxalate is one stone in the mosaic that can help you prevent the development of new kidney stones. You should see your doctor though before going on a special diet in order to determine if your kidney stones are actually caused by too much oxalate in the urine. He also will tell you what to do about your protein and calcium intake, which are two other factors of significance. Eating more fruit with a low oxalate content might help you in your quest to avoid kidney stones, but they are just one part of the puzzle!

Keeping Healthy – It Is Important To Improve Your Lifestyle

In order to live a long and full life, it’s important to take seriously the concept of keeping healthy.  Overall health and wellbeing isn’t about making one small change, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  From nutrition to exercise to interpersonal relationships, many things play into one’s wellness.  It’s important when trying to create a regime that will improve one’s health that all factors be considered.

Obviously, one of the biggest factors in keeping healthy is nutrition.  It’s important to keep a balanced diet of the right food, and to avoid those foods that are bad for you.  Diets high in fruits and vegetables are known to increase one’s overall wellbeing.  Avoiding foods that are fried or high in fat can also help.  The most important thing in nutrition is balance.  Sometimes, taking into consideration what vitamins and minerals your diet might be lacking and adding supplements to your nutrition plan might also help.

Another key in the realm of keeping healthy is exercise.  Physical inactivity can allow many healthy conditions to develop.  From heart disease to diabetes, many things can be prevented by staying active.  There are also a good many options when it comes to exercise.  Jogging, cycling, and aerobics are more active forms of exercise.  For those that need lower impact workouts, there is Yoga, walking, and swimming.  It’s easy to find an exercise program that will work for you.  If you need help, you can always enlist the support of a trainer.

Another critical component in one’s overall wellbeing is interpersonal relationships.  Some people don’t consider the impact a support system can have on health, but it can be considerable.  It’s important to have healthy relationships to maintain emotional health and physical wellbeing.  Stress can result from unstable relationships, and that can impact the ability to keep healthy.

Natural Way to Cure Eczema

Did you know that you can treat eczema without medicine? Fruits and vegetables can help reducing eczema symptoms. This is the best natural and organic way to reduce and treat eczema condition.

Lack of vital nutrients can trigger eczema therefore it is essential l that you acquire the appropriate nutrients that they are: vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

There are supplement medicines for treating eczema; these are artificially enhanced with these vital nutrients mentioned above. However these medicines are effective but they cause numerous dangerous long term side effects.

This is why people are now switching for natural and organic cures, these cures are very effective and unlike medications they cause zero side effects simply because they are natural cures. In this article I will share with you fruits and vegetables that have magic ingredients to help reducing eczema symptoms.

What is eczema? Eczema is a skin disease that causes rash, irritation, inflammation, redness, itchiness and discomfort.

There are many ways to get infected with this eczema and the most common ways are: lack of nutrients, dehydration, allergies and family inheritance. Meaning if someone from your family is or was diagnosed with eczema then you are highly likely to be inherit the disease.

The best way to avoid eczema is by drinking 2/3 litres of water a day and by wearing cotton clothes. Cotton is a very soft, smooth and itchy free material. As mentioned above lack of body water can trigger eczema therefore drink the daily recommended amount of water and avoid risking eczema symptoms.

Below are fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin E and Aloe Vera, I recommend eating plenty of them specially if you are suffering from eczema, these will help you reducing eczema symptoms and will cause you zero side effects.

· Blackberries

· Avocado

· Plums

· Almonds

· Hazel nuts

· Peanuts

· Broccoli

· Leeks

· Spinach

· Potato

So there you go the best natural way to treat and cure eczema without medicine and without risking dangerous long term side effects! I highly recommend following the above diet and you will notice a great results and a matter of days! Natural and organic cures that the best ways to treat any condition it causes zero side effects and are very healthy. I hope this article encouraged you to switching to natural cures. I really recommend you to try for a few days and then decide for yourself what the best way to treat eczema is!

Height Predictor For Teenagers – Can Regular Exercise Help You Grow Taller?

Height Predictor For Teenagers

There are many of us who would just like to be that little bit taller. It just seems like taller people are that bit more confident and stand out more in a room. Many people would claim that we are just stuck with the body we were born with so get used to it; this has been proven to be true though. We may not be able to turn ourselves from shorties into six footers, but exercise may be able to help us grow taller; but only if you are still growing. If you have already stopped growing then the only realistic method to become taller is probably surgery.

Can regular exercise really help people grow taller?

If you go online you will find plenty of websites promising to help you grow taller; some of the methods sound bizarre while others seem just dangerous. Most of the more reputable sites focus on ways that exercise can help people gain some height – this is because it is an effective way of doing it. It should be said straight away here though that exercise is no miracle method; it takes effort and time to have an effect.

In order to understand how exercise can help you grow taller you first need to know a bit about how the body works. While we are still growing our bones are made up of a flexible type of cartilage. As we grow older this cartilage loses a lot of its flexibility. When the bone still has some flexibility it is possible to help it grow by performing regular exercise. This is why exercise can help you grow taller but only if you are a teenager.

What Exercises will help people grow taller?

There is some debate as to what exercises are the best for growing taller. Traditionally people would recommend stretching but this might not be the best solution. Apparently exercises that build muscle are also the ones that release growth hormone and this is what encourages your bones to grow and get stronger. Another important thing about exercising is that you do it regularly. Working out once a week for ten minutes is probably not going to make much difference.

If you are still growing then exercise is a good way to help you get taller. Once you leave puberty though, exercise will no longer be able to make you taller but it will keep your body in top condition.

Why is Regular Exercise Beneficial to Your Health?

Everyone knows that physical activity is beneficial to our health. Strong bones, toned body, strong muscles, healthier skin, better mood, better sleep, stronger immune system, and a healthy body are just a few valuable benefits of regular fitness. However, even though we are all aware of these beneficial factors, many of us still don’t undergo a regular fitness routine. Whether it may be lack of time or simple laziness, many of us are robbing ourselves of health and longevity.

A healthy weight is one of the benefits of exercise. Many people achieve a healthy weight by adopting a healthy workout technique while others rely upon some of the best diet pills. There are numerous all natural weight loss products, such as the hoodia pills, available on the market today. However, regular exercise is still very important. Regular physical activity can help us maintain a healthy weight by improving our metabolism, strengthening our muscles and our bones. People who exercise burn a lot more calories than those individuals who do not undergo any physical activity (even when your body is in the rest mode).

Another benefit of physical activity is stress relief. Stress can be treated with all natural herbal remedies or with physical activity. When you exercise your stress hormone levels are released thereby causing a state of relaxation. Physical activity also leads to a better mood and improved sleep. It is a proven fact that your mood is regulated partly by a neurotransmitter called serotonin; when we exercise the serotonin levels in our brain increase causing our mood to improve. These are just some of the benefits of an exercise regimen. Simply give yourself a couple weeks and see how physical activity can improve your overall wellbeing.

Acne, psoriasis, eczema, diet, digestion and traditional Chinese medicine

The following is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the questioning and counseling of thousands. TCM is based on the observation, fact that everything is a balance of opposites: yang (hot, building) and yin (cold, cleansing), many of which,. we control through diet, exercise, environment, thought, etc.

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It has several functions

(1) Acts as a protective cover, shield, barrier between the body and the external environment (heat, cold, dryness, dampness, wind

(2) Has pores, openings allowing the body to release excessive heat, energy (in the form of perspiration) and or retain heat, energy.

(3) Sebaceous glands located throughout the body in the dermis (layer of skin below epidermis, outer layer of skin) secrete sebum an oily liquid that moistens the skin and hair. It also helps the body retain heat. Acne (raised, red lesions, pustules, blackheads, etc.) is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands affecting primarily the face and shoulders

The skin builds up (hot, yang) and breaks down, cleanses (cold, yin)  largely according to foods, nutrients, to which there are only two: building and cleansing. Building nutrients, foods (protein, fat, meat, eggs, cheese, beans, etc.) build and fuel. Cleansing nutrients, foods (water, minerals, fruit, vegetables, grains, etc.) reduce, cleanse, cool and moisten

Long-term low protein, low fat (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, etc.) and high carbohydrate (bread, pasta, salads, tropical fruits, juices, smoothies, etc.) diets tend to cool, weaken and dilute digestion, reducing nutrient absorption, decreasing and thinning the blood (blood deficiency). Blood deficiency, in the extreme, tends to weaken, sag, thin, dry, crack and or bleed the skin producing partial facial flushing, red spots, splotches, acne, cracked skin, bleeding, pustules, eczema, exposed capillaries, blue veins and or translucent skin.

Too many building foods, protein and fat, especially animal (red meat, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese, fried foods, oil, etc.), in addition to alcohol, sugar tends to cause raised, red, hard painful, oily pimples, pus, boils and or dry flaky skin; warts, moles, psoriasis, tumors, etc. All excess sugar is turned into fat. Protein and fat build, thicken, fuel and heat. Too much tends to thicken, overbuild and overheat the blood, which in turn, overbuilds, overheats the skin.

The middle diet, meal plan adjusted accordingly is recommended. Try to eat simply and do not overeat. For deficiency, increase protein, fat (eggs, turkey, chicken, etc.), spices, cooked foods, (soups, vegetables), and a small amount of fruit (avoid tropical), for balance. For the overbuilt, eat less animal (red meat, pork, veal, chicken, etc.) and more beans, nuts, seeds, rice, vegetables, fruit (apples, pineapple, etc.). Space and or skip meals, especially dinner. Experience hunger and quench with water.

Case history: In 1989, I developed a bad, hideous case of eczema. It first started as a pimple, blister on my index finger (left hand). Over the course of two months, it (blisters, cracked skin, bleeding, pus, etc.) spread to every finger up the back of hand to the arm. My other hand was affected eventually although not as bad. This happened while I was going to acupuncture school. It was gross. I tried every Chinese herbal remedy. Nothing worked. My skin kept getting worse and worse. I eventually turned to Ayurvedic Medicine (Ayurvedic Healing, and Yoga of Herbs by Dr. David Frawley, O.M.D.), which recommended the use of spices. My diet at the time was bland, low protein, low fat, sweet and cooling. I was living in Hollywood. Fl. I reduced juices, fruits, increased protein and fat and started cooking with spices (fennel, cumin, coriander, ginger, etc.). I always used at least five spices. Within three weeks, my eczema cleared up. My digestion also improved less bloating, gas, burping, farting, etc. I did have eczema as a teenager, although not as serious.

Diet related eczema is simple but time consuming to cure as the skin takes time to rebuild via proper diet. The middle diet, daily meal plan, adjusted accordingly is recommended. Reduce salads, raw vegetables, tropical and citrus fruits, cold drinks, milk and yogurt

Other causes of eczema: low levels of hydrochloric acid, Candidiasis and or food allergies, all of which can all be caused by poor diet (low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate, in the extreme).

Psoriasis is a painful chronic skin disorder characterized by dry, red, scaly skin covering the scalp, genitalia, skin, etc. that alternates between exacerbation and remission. It is a disease of excess, caused in general by too much protein and fat, especially red meat, pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, lasagna, oily, greasy foods (fries, chips, etc.) in addition to alcohol and sweets. Psoriasis generally occurs in conjunction with liver congestion, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, etc. The colder middle diet, meal plan is recommended/

Case history I counseled a young man, age 38 with severe psoriasis: dry, scaly, flaky and inflamed skin on his head, face, back, etc. He was also overweight and constantly scratching. His original diet was high protein, high fat (red meat, pork, fried foods, etc.). I advised the colder middle diet, especially raw vegetables and fruits: carrots, celery, apples, etc. In seven months, his face, head and back completely cleared up. He also lost 60#.. He also cured his two daughters: one born with psoriasis and the other via acne.

Common Cnidium Fruit Extract- How to Relieve Skin Conditions with It


Cnidium is a plant that is native to China. The fruit, seed, and other plant parts are used as medicine. Also known as She Chuang Zi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, common cnidium fruit can be used to treat many ailments. Find more at: And now common cnidium fruit extract has gotten more popular. Recently, this extract usually is light yellow powder.

General speaking, cnidium fruit has functions like dry dampness and kills worms, expel cold and expel and wind, relieve asthma, to warm the kidney, to remove damp, to dispel wind, and to kill parasites.

Skin rashes and infections can be addressed with a topical solution of cnidium extract. However, one point is very important-having an experienced herbalist help you make the snidium paste for external use, especially in first time. At the same time, cnidium fruit is often used as popular ingredient in skin creams and lotions made in China. The herb’s antibacterial, antifungal and antifungal and antipruritic properties make cnidium ideal for skin treatment. Holistic practitioners use the extract for numerous skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, ringworm and itching. To treat skin conditions, the herb is usually applied to the skin in the form of a solution or ointment.

Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is inflammation of the skin. Eczema symptoms include itchy, red, and dry skin caused by inflammation. It is most commonly found in children, although adults can get it. The word eczema comes from a Greek work that means to effervesce or bubble or boil over. The name is particularly apt since to ancient medicinal practitioners it may have appeared that the skin was “boiling.” No matter which part of the skin is affected, eczema is almost always itchy. Affected areas usually appeared very dry, thickened, or scaly. Eczema is a chronic disease. You can prevent some types of eczema by avoiding irritants, stress. For eczema patients, you can consume cnidium fruit extract to relieve it.

Note: There is insufficient reliable information available about the safety of cnidium. Pregnancy and Lactation: Insufficient reliable information available; avoid using.

Chen Shiduo, a skillful physician lived in Qing Dynasty, ever commented in his medical work of Ben Cao Xin Bian (New Chapters on Materia Medica) that: “Cnidium seeds have amzing healing properties for both external and internal treatment. And the external use is even better.” Nowadays, common cnidium fruit extract can be used in food, supplements, personal care and beauty products globally.

How To Teach Teenagers Healthy Eating Habits

Puberty and adolescence can be very interesting, and frustrating times for parents and teeners. During this crucial stage, most teenagers are highly active, and require more energy from different food sources. To ensure that your teenage son or daughter is able to cope with the rigors of school work and peer pressure, make sure that they develop a healthy eating habit. Most food experts stress that healthy eating is a way of balancing the amount and the type of food you consume, to keep you energized, strong and properly nourished. Here are a few helpful tips for teaching your teenage sons and daughters to adopt healthy eating habits. .

Let Your Kids Appreciate The Tenets Of Healthy Eating

What exactly is “healthy eating”? In conventional terms, healthy eating refers to eating the food from all the food groups. This includes consuming balanced servings of fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy proteins, healthy fats and fibers each day. Healthy eating is the art of balancing nutrient-rich food items with moderate mounts of other food types, like sweets or typical fast-food fare. Healthy eating also refers to eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you are already full

Teach Your Teenager To Plan His Or Her Meals

Healthy eating means that you aim for eating three regular meals, from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Eating three meals a day, with the usual snacks in between, is actually one of the best ways for maintaining your body’s energy and healthy weight levels. Because most teenagers often skip breakfast, they are more likely to over-eat later in the day, and are more prone to becoming overweight.

Avoid Excessive Sugar And Salt Intake

Consuming too much sugar and salt is definitely not advisable for teenagers, and for most of us. Beverages that contain high sugar levels are nothing but empty energy sources. This means that they contain a lot of energy that your body may not actually need, and they don’t have minerals, vitamins, proteins and even fiber. Instead of drinking the usual sugar-filled carbonated beverages, teach your teener to try diet sodas, flavored water, or sugar-free drinks or juices. Most desserts like cookies, cakes, candies and ice cream also contain lots of sugar. However, it’s perfectly okay to enjoy eating these foods, as long as these do not fully replace the healthier ones.

Also educate your teenage son or daughter to be mindful when eating. Teach them the benefits of slowing down when they eat, as well as by listening to their body. Make them realize that they should only eat when they’re hungry, and they should stop eating when you’re full. By listening to your body, you will help balance its energy needs, enabling you to stay comfortable. Also remind your children to consume fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, so that they’ll feel comfortably full, and have their daily fill of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Dermatology – Twin Benefits of Health and Beauty

The best skin clinics in Bangalore offer a wide variety of services ranging from health to beauty. They not only help in solving skin related problems, but also help in enhancing beauty.

Skin clinics in Bangalore offer a lot of specialized treatments for enhancing beauty like treatments for flawless skin, anti aging, glowing skin and more. These treatments are done with a lot of expertise. The treatments differ based on your skin type. Special care is given to use only those ingredients that will go well with your skin type. If you have allergy with particular things, the clinics will avoid using them on your skin. The treatments may have a set of predetermined ingredients and methods, but these are customized based on a customer’s preferences and skin demands. These techniques help in getting a fresher and younger skin instantly.A lot of other commonly faced problems like scars, stretch marks, acne are also treated. These problems are generally faced because of having an oily skin or due to pregnancy. The techniques used, help in reduction and elimination of all kind of marks and blemishes on the skin.

Weight management is a common problem faced today. A higher weight becomes a bigger problem when you have flab or loose skin hanging on your body. This can be solved by the flab removal treatments. The skin clinics in Bangalore also offer facilities to remove flab. These treatments are non surgical in nature and very safe to use.

Hair removal techniques are also high in demand. If a few people want to go for permanent hair removal treatment, there are a few who may choose a therapy for hair growth or even another category who may be looking for hair transplantation. This is done with the use of laser technology. Hair removal therapies help in permanent removal of hair and helps in avoiding regular waxing appointments and keeps you occasion ready all the time. The hair growth techniques are mainly used for hair on the head. Some people may not have a good hair growth. In order to increase the rate at which your hair grows, you can indulge in this therapy. A few people may face the problem of being wholly or partly bald. The hair transplantation techniques help in assuring you hair growth and getting rid of baldness.

The city of Bangalore has always been known for its high standard of living and upmarket lifestyle. The best skin clinics in Bangalore will help you look your best. Girls can now afford to go strapless, backless and sleeveless, thanks to these numerous skin treatment programs. To indulge in treatments to solve particular problems of your skin and to improve your beauty, visit a dermatology clinic today.

Adopt the Eating Habits of Naturally Thin People

We often assume that some people are naturally thin. We believe that these fortunate people can eat whatever they like, and however much they like without any weight gain. Of course there may be individuals who are lucky enough to get away with this, but in reality a naturally thin person maintains their weight by employing lifestyle habits which differentiates them from overweight people.

We need to understand which habits are likely to make us gain weight and which habits are most likely to help us lose weight, or at least help us maintain the weight that we are comfortable with. Once we have the understanding of these habits, we are taking the first steps to becoming one of those naturally thin people we have always envied.

Below are 3 suggestions of habits that naturally thin people use, and that we can adopt to help us lose weight:

1) Resist the Temptation to Overeat.

Naturally thin people rarely overeat, and appear to have a natural awareness of how much food their body is content with, and know when enough is enough. We have to learn how to read our bodies reactions as we are eating and recognise the signal that we are satisfied and have had enough to eat, not just carry on eating for eating sake. Of course we need a certain amount of discipline and willpower, but this is a small price to pay if we can achieve naturally thin status.

If we can apply this habit to our own  dietary routine, we will be able to programme our body into sending out the signals that let us know that it is satisfied and nourished enough so it is time to stop eating.

2) No Need for Guilt.

We are often obsessed with feelings of guilt when we have strayed from our diet and eaten foods which we know are detrimental to our weight loss goal. If we observe the habits of naturally thin people, it is completely the opposite. They do not waste precious time worrying about this issue. In the dietary life of naturally thin people, no foods are restricted for them, and they do not dwell on the fact that they have deviated from their normally healthy routine. They tend to eat what they want, in moderation of course, without beating themselves up or thinking that their diet is out of control.

Imagine how liberated we would feel if we were able to adopt this guilt free habit ourselves. If we use this habit wisely, we can try to shed the pressure of guilt and move forward with our diet with a happy positive attitude.

3) Think Positive.

It is surprising how powerful positive attitudes can be. The mind can have a very powerful effect on our body. We should take note of how naturally thin people hold positive beliefs about their bodies and dietary habits. They constantly impress upon us that they can eat anything and not gain weight, or that they do not have a big appetite.

Of course we may think that by making these statements ourselves, even if it is true for others, it will not affect the way we are. In fact it is surprising how powerful the mind can be in relation to programming our body and changing our attitude to how we look and feel.

If we can instill this positive attitude and convince our subconscious mind that we can change our habits to enable us to lose weight, then it can be true for us too. Before we know it, we will be changing our eating habits and can boast the fact that we only have a small appetite and can eat anything without gaining weight. This change in beliefs and attitude will not happen overnight, but with time, patience and determination, we can achieve all the positive changes we need to help us become one of the naturally thin people.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty With Classic Mexican Silver And Amber Jewelry Pieces

In a pleasant small town in Mexico, silversmiths with their artistry and imagination are hammering, stamping, and soldering away in the workshops to create fine jewelry pieces that take away every woman’s breath. There’s something very special about silver and since time immemorial, girls have a strong fascination for silver jewelry pieces. Mexico is the biggest supplier of silver and it continues to be the world’s biggest sterling silver manufacturer. The superb craftsmanship of the designers keeps the passion alive amongst all women.

There are three premier cities in Mexico where silver jewelry is manufactured: Guadalajara, Taxco, and Mexico itself. Taxco is often referred as ‘the silver capital of the world’. Mexican silver is highly prized for the following reasons:

* The silver from Mexico is made of sterling silver or .925 silver. Some of the other countries, particularly the Asian countries, tend to dilute the silver and hence, it is widely common to find the jewelry pieces at .800 silver.
* The jewelry pieces are hand crafted by the skills of the silversmiths. Their passion and love for the art allow them to design pieces which look mind blowing and attractive.

It is said that quality never goes out of style, and Mexican silver has proved it right. Coming up with both contemporary and vintage pieces, the stunning designs are best to adorn your beauty. Sterling silver is classy and timeless and further, it makes a perfect Christmas gift for your beloved. Whenever she will wear the jewelry pieces, she will always think of you. The clean, subtle, and classic look of silver attracts every lady of all ages. Mexican silver looks trendy and the designs are always in style. Sterling silver jewelry pieces are ideal for the most elegant woman in your life.

If you want a gemstone studded in your ring, try Amber from Simojovel. Amber is considered to be a precious gemstone and is one of the world’s most treasures. Highly prized for its aesthetic beauty and scientific value, Amber is known to humans since millions of years. Though the rich, warm golden brown color of Amber attracts everyone, it is also available in many other shades including orange, red, green, yellow, white, brown, and even black. In general, the more transparent an Amber rock is, the more valuable the piece is.

Discover the exquisite varieties of best Mexican silver and Amber from simojovel jewelry pieces at various online portals. Showing to the world, the finest designs of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets at the various online stores fascinate every lady to keep one design in their closet. So, find a great collection of silver jewelry pieces and embrace your natural beauty.

Bitter Melon – Karela A Concoction Of Culinary and Medicinal Benefits

Bitter Melon or Karela is used in traditional medicine for a long time in Asian countries but is also excellent as a culinary variety – By Kimi Mamtora

THE analysis of Bitter Melon reveals, it is a popular fruit in many parts of the world. It is grown in India and the Indian Subcontinent. As the name suggests it is very bitter and the fruit comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It has a rugged exterior with usually a thin layer of flesh and large flat seeds in the centre.  The colour of the fruit is green when unripe and the seeds are white but the seeds turn reddish when the fruit is ripe. When fully ripe the fruit turns yellow to orange making the skin hard to eat but the internal pith is sweet and can be eaten raw.

Bitter Melon is called Karela in many parts of India and Africa. Just some of the countries where this fruit is consumed are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Vietnam, Panama, Columbia where it is used as a culinary in soups and curries. The seeds are usually removed when cooking. Due to its very strong bitter taste, in Indian cooking it is boiled with salt and the water is removed to ease of the bitterness. The curry is then prepared like all the other Indian curries with spices. As a variation some add jaggery (unrefined sugar) or normal sugar to balance out the bitter taste. Potatoes or onions can also be added to the curry to offset the harsh taste.

A stuffed curry variety of the melon is also quite popular in many households. The fruit is stuffed with spices like salt, chilli powder, coriander powder, gram flour, peanuts, jaggery, and garlic puree, roasting in a trickle of oil, which is then steamed to give that rich enhanced flavour of the concoction of spices.  This curry is enjoyed with an accompaniment of a variety of Indian breads like Roti, Nan or Paratha. In South East Asia the fruit is used in salads, as the flesh inside is comparable to a green Bell Pepper.

Medicinal Use

Bitter Melon is believed to help prevent or counteract diabetes so many people take the juice of this fruit first thing in the morning.

In Asian countries it is widely used in traditional medicine for a long time.  Some Laboratory studies have confirmed various species of this melon to contain anti-malarial property. It is also believed to stimulate digestion. A number of clinical studies in India proved the fruit to have increased insulin sensitivity. However, the benefit of Bitter Fruit consumption has somehow bypassed the wide print.

Many countries import Bitter Melon supplements.  While it appears there is no concrete evidence of the fruit having negative effects, some reports however do caution that it may be unsuitable for children and women during pregnancy. –Kimi Mamtora

4 Crucial Beauty and Lifestyle Tips to Keep Your Body Healthy and Happy

Beauty and lifestyle are the two sides of the same coin. The duo has equal importance in our increasingly busy lives. You cannot possess either in isolation. Certainly, a healthy person is naturally beautiful and the reverse is also true. That’s why lifestyle and beauty go hand in hand. Healthy lifestyle is the catalyst to enjoying life in a happy and fulfilled body.

This is certainly true that most of us are conscious about maintaining our health and youthful appearance, and we never really want to become old. But time doesn’t stand still, and to ensure that we continue to experience life to the full, we need to take care of ourselves each and every day.

There are numerous books, beauty and lifestyle blogs and lifestyle magazines on this topic. To makes things a little easier, I summarized some of the main healthy tips that are very simple and easy to follow.

1. Exercise
Find every reason to stay active throughout your day. Skip the elevator for steps, walk to work instead of taking a cab or bus, or go for a run on the weekend. Exercise increases your metabolism and produces happy hormones. You should aim to remain active for at least 30 minutes each day. If you are short for time, then visit my post (apps for exercise) to find ways to achieve this goal each day.

2. Diet
Say goodbye to fried food, burgers and anything that has a yellow or white color on your plate. You should aim to have colorful meals, with a mix of vegetables and protein. Try drinking plenty of water. Carying a water bottle with you during the day is a great way to ensure that you maintain water intake and it also reduces the need to snack. An average person needs between 1 to 3 liters water per day. You can drink water with meals, as well as before or after exercise.

3. Cut the bad habits
Apart of serious health issues with smoking, it also considerably ages your skin. Just quit! Just do it! You will thank yourself immensely and soon will start to see real change to your skin, as well as your overall vitality and wellbeing. Another potentially bad habit is overdrinking. There is nothing wrong with an occasional 1 or 2 glasses of wine, but when it is every day, or in large quantities, it will dehydrate your skin, and you will feel lousy in the morning. Try to have at least 2-3 alcohol free days a week.

4. Embrace stress by dealing with it
Stress is a fact of life and cannot be avoided. So try to devote 30 minutes a day to doing something that you enjoy. By focusing your energy on a positive activity, your mind and body will find harmony once again in no time. Yoga is a good way to regain balance. It can also be playing with your dog for 10 mins, or reading a book to your baby. Moments that fill your day with happiness will balance any stressful experiences. As such, try to do more of the things you love, each day.

There are many more beauty and lifestyle tips that can be found in other lifestyle and beauty blog in Switzerland, but these 4 that I have selected should get you started on the right path of a health and fulfilling lifestyle.

Comparing Baseball and Football, Which Sports is Better?

In the United States, the baseball and football have impassioned ventilators which claim that they follow the true sport of the number one to America. But, how done one determine what is the American sport of the number reality ?

There are several categories which can be considered by determining the number of America a pastime. Analyzing the assistance, the costs of ticket, income of television, wages, go, will help to present a case for which the sport is the number one in the United States. These six factors will help to determine which sport is liked more by Americans.


The one-way to determine if the baseball or football is more popular in America east while looking at how many people go to the plays. During the year 2000, average crowd with a play of baseball was 30.125 years old, whereas average crowd with a play of football was 66.077 years old. This figure is based on an assistance annual total, divided by all the number of games which were played in the sport. Simply based on a this factor, it would prove that twice as many people went to the plays of football than to the plays of baseball in this particular year.

Costs Of Ticket

An aspect which can contribute to the popularity of a sport is cost of ticket. An important question is: how much accessible is it for the average family in America with going to a sporting event of phase? Concerning this factor, the baseball is a more accessible combination and potentially more popular with the average, the income with-below-means gaining the American families. The plays of baseball, in the year 2000, cost $20.02, whereas the plays of football cost an average of $54.14. Clearly, it is easier to have average the baseball of phase than the football of phase, and the observation of the plays of phase is an experiment which can create much ventilators and produce abundance of the excitation for a particular sport.

Income Of Television

Another important factor to consider when the analysis of the popularity of a given sport is how much the money which the sport accumulates of the incomes of television. In this case, football is gaining it clear. The NFL brings approximately 2.2 billion dollars per annum in the incomes of television. The MLB gains approximately 340 million. The significant difference concerning the income of TV is that football takes place a few days per week, and the baseball takes place almost each night. However, football brings always much more money of the incomes of advertisement to the television, which means that there are more people observing the plays of football than observes the plays of baseball. When it comes to the income from television, football is the sport of the number one.

However, this does not arrange the argument. The season of baseball and the season of football are opposúx of many manners. The season of baseball long and is drawn outside, with a team playing each night almost. The plays of football are primarily once per week, though the league and the networks added Saturday and of the plays of Thursday to football Monday already succeeded of night . this creates more than one buzz for a play of football, and the TV numbers and the generation of income is a product of this buzz.


Another measurement in the way in which a popular sport east would be how much its players cost paid. In the principal baseball of league, the average wages are more than 2 million dollars per annum; while the average wages in the NFL are good per annum around 1.18 million dollars. Consequently, the baseball pays to its players more money, but it is primarily not very clear which effect this aspect has on the preference of ventilators between the two sports.


The various appointments in which both fôlatre are played are another aspect to be taken into account. While trying to determine which sport is sport of the number one in America, this can be a factor. The number of seats in the stages is important because it shows the number of ventilators which can be envisaged by play. The average stage of baseball holds 47.000 people. The average stage of football holds 70.000 people. Consequently, there are more seats to observe plays of football, meaning that more people go typically to the plays of football. Still, this can be due of through to the frequency of the games played in football and the baseball. However, a regular play of the football of season is more than one important event on a coherent basis that a regular play of baseball.

The role of the athletes of a Sport

An other factor to consider when the discussion the preferred pastime of which America can be is the impact the players of plays have on the company, positive and negative. For example, if a player of arena football or a player of baseball of A-class obtains in the trouble, or does something very generous, it is not outstanding news. If a player of NFL or MLB does one of these things, it obtains usually the abundance of the insurance. This can be an aspiration, most of the time because the players of MLB and NFL are uniformly in the news for various run-in’s with the law or of the charitable actions.

When looking at these factor, one together to carry out that football and baseball extreme being popular and also very different. Because of this dynamics, it becomes difficult to compare both equitably. The two sports were around during many years, and both will continue to be popular during many years. What one, however, is more most popular, is still irresolute.

Meaningful Beauty Wellness – Is It Good For Your Body?

Meaningful Beauty Wellness is part of Cindy Crawford’s skin care product line.  Her products are on infomercials today and ads on the internet.  You can find them sold individually or given away as free samples on some websites.  It’s easy to find them once you know what your looking for.  I believe it’s best to try them out individually before subscribing to the kit, from her site.

The wellness products are a daily multivitamin that helps your body stay healthy.  They are particularly made for your skin’s health.  Vitamins and minerals are very important for the body’s health especially for the long term.  Supplying your body with what it needs is like keeping your car in tune.  If we neglect to do the simplest thing like put oil in it, even if the rest of the car is pimped out and sweet looking, it’ll just blow up.

Meaningful Beauty vitamins help keep your skin healthy.  The vitamins come in daily wrapped packets of 4 small tablets.  They are a super juice tablet, antioxident tablet, energizer tablet, and a mineral tablet.  All of them contain vitamins and supplements to give your skin health.

Is Meaningful Beauty in stores?  Yes, in online stores you can find them.  Again, it may be better to actually buy these products in places other than the Meaningful Beauty website itself.  This is because there is monthly subscription for her products on the site.

This is a product for women but it can also be used by men too.  Meaningful Beauty for men would bring the same benefits as it does for women.  Today more people are concerned about their health.  They are also more interested in nutrition.

Reviews of her products are mostly positive.  But I think it would be helpful to read reviews on different websites other than her website alone.  For instance, I didn’t find complaints on her site as I did others.  Products and customer service are two different things to keep in mind as well, as I’ve found her customer service does not have great reviews.

Her skincare products do have some complex ingredients.  One product has six different sulfates in it.  I have heard to stay away from sulfates.  This was actually for a product to apply on your skin, not the vitamin wellness products.  The vitamins and supplements I would totally recommend.  We neglect the things that our bodies need.  Some of them are calcium, protein, omega-3’s, biotin, anti-inflammatories, liquid minerals, and multi-vitamins.

I also believe the more natural a product can be the better.  As with soaps including sulfates, not all things can come straight from the plant. On the other hand, even if an ingredient has a technical name it doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

Edema, Diet, Coldness and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Edema is the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues and can occur anywhere in the body: head, arms, legs, etc. It is generally a cold condition caused by poor diet and corrected by proper diet (includes herbs). Edema is more common in women than in men.

The body builds up (anabolism) and breaks down (catabolism) largely according to food, nutrients, to which there are only two: building (hot, yang) and cleansing (cold, cleansing). Building nutrients (protein and fat) build, fuel, heat, etc. Cleansing nutrients (water, minerals, sugar, etc.) reduce, cleanse, cool and moisten.

Digestion (acid, enzymes) is a fiery process that not only transforms food, nutrients into blood but also burns excess food (nutrients) and fluids. It is the ultimate fat burner and diuretic. Protein and fat build and fuel digestion. Water, minerals, sugar, fruits and vegetables dilute and weaken.

Too little, low protein and fat, in the extreme tends to weaken digestion. Too many fruits, vegetables and juices, cold drinks, etc. in the extreme, tend to dilute and weaken digestion, acid and enzymes, reducing nutrient absorption, blood, while increasing waste product: liquid and solid. Whatever food, nutrients not digested, absorbed become waste (solid and liquid) that is stored and eventually eliminated.

Weak digestion tends to cause excess water: urine, loose stools, edema, cellulite, etc. Digestive fire (acid, enzymes) burns and dries all excess fluids via urination and perspiration. Weak digestion burns, metabolizes less water, fat, sugar, etc. More accumulates.

 Low protein, low fat (milk, yogurt, beans, nuts and seeds) and high carbohydrate (pasta, bread, salads, tropical fruits, juices, cold drinks, etc.) diets, in the extreme, tend to weaken digestion and elimination while increasing water: mucous, edema, urination, etc.

Edema is generally a cold, damp disease. It tends to attack women more than men, as many women tend to eat low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate diets. Menstruation is also a temporary cause, as monthly blood loss tends to weaken all function, including digestion. Men are the opposite. They tend to eat high protein, high fat diets. They also have testosterone, a very hot, building hormone, giving them an extra metabolic, energy boost.

The middle diet, meal plan (1/3 protein and fat, 1/3 grain, 1/3 vegetables (3- 5, cooked, raw), spices, fruit(1), tea and or soup, 2- 3 times per day, preferably breakfast and lunch), adjusted accordingly is recommended. Spices (cardamom, cumin, fennel, ginger, cayenne, etc.) used in cooking strengthen digestion helping drain excess dampness, moisture. Avoid, reduce potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, raw vegetables, salads; tropical and semi tropical fruit, juices, smoothies, cold drinks, bitter herbs (laxatives), etc.

Retain Sharp Memory at Old Age With Vegetables

Vegetables, green and colored have the capacities to retain sharp memory even at old age – say different researches conducted at different Universities of the USA.

Rush University, Chicago conducted a six year study under the leadership of Dr Martha Claire Morris. The 3700 subjects that take vegetables regularly exhibited better mental cognitive skills and memory. The memory of people who take vegetables three times a day was sharper by 40% than people who took vegetables once a day.

Vitamin E, which is common in leafy vegetables enhances mental powers and memory skills. Including different vegetables in daily diet and taking an abundance of vegetables ensures supply of different nutrients to the body.

Gooseberry, another fruit rich in Vitamin C also makes an essential part of older people’s diet. Gooseberry is a memory booster and promotes memory capacity of the old age people. Chyavanaprash given to young students is an Ayurvedic formulation, which has gooseberry in good proportion.
In addition to vegetables, you can also take lots of fruits and nuts. Almond, cashew, etc make good contenders for your diet. Researches after research certify you that the active biological contents in fruits and plant parts have positive impact on human health.

Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi and Gotu Kola are also known to promote brain activity in children, which are equally beneficial to people in the old age too. Shankupushpi is another herb, which is also helpful in maintaining good memory in the old age.

In addition what you eat, you must also concentrate on giving some mental stimulation to the aging brain or else it will soon start deteriorating. Simple mental games make wonderful brain stimulators and that too is helpful in keeping your mind in good condition.

A Weight Gain Diet Plan for a Healthier You

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

We are surrounded by an epidemic of obesity and thus, we only see people raising concerns regarding to excessive weight gain and tips to tackle them. Thin is ‘in’ and underweight people are in fact, considered lucky by those who are overweight. But, the picture isn’t so rosy for the underweight people and there are many out there who are desperately trying to gain pounds by seeking advice from dietitians for a diet plan for weight gain, exercise routines to build muscle mass, etc. In fact, it is often harder to gain pounds than to lose them. People can gain weight by increasing their calorie intake, and a good weight gain diet plan which lists high-calorie foods can make this endeavour successful.

Overweight people are definitely at a risk of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks etc. but that doesn’t necessarily mean that underweight people are not flushed with doubts and fears regarding these diseases. There are various health risks that underweight people are prone to. People who are underweight are often under this false sense of impression that they can get away with having lots of junk food, skipping exercise and in general following an unhealthy lifestyle because they don’t gain weight easily and the effects of this lifestyle don’t show directly on their body. This is the reason underweight people need a weight gain diet plan and a proper exercise regime coupled with proper rest, to ensure that they live a healthy life.

People facing the problem of being underweight don’t follow a healthy lifestyle and this impacts their immune system adversely. They may be consuming less amount of iron which can cause anaemia, a disease that makes people feel tired and lethargic all the time, insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals which keeps the body strong and is especially required by a growing body. When underweight people don’t watch over their intake of dairy products, they miss out on calcium which is required to keep the bones strong and healthy. Deficiency of calcium can make the bones brittle and cause osteoporosis. Being thin doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy. For a healthy body, consulting a good dietitian for a good weight gain diet plan is necessary. The nutrition we derive from food directly affects our wellbeing and productivity and we should consume healthy high calorie foods such as starchy carbohydrates found in whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. A well-established dietitian’s diet plan for weight gain can ensure that we follow a healthy lifestyle and work efficiently.

Enhance your Natural Beauty with the Secret of the Islands Products

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No Diet WeightLoss Methods – Recommended for Everyone

No diet weightloss is something that numerous individuals struggle with consistently. Weight reduction is just accomplished through an equalization of solid Weight Loss Lifestyle. Weight reduction is feasible and supportable with moderate dietary changes and 20-40 minutes of viable strolling five days a week. There are different types of weight loss reductions methods that you can adopt to lead a healthy lifestyle. Weight reduction most likely originates from taking after the eating routine. The weight reduction diet sustenance you eat is the absolute most critical element in your get-healthy plan. Weight reduction eating regimen, exercise is imperative to a sheltered weight reduction arrangement, as well as vital to the general operation and prosperity of the human body.

Weight reduction is to a great degree troublesome when you sense that you are denying yourself. Weight loss medicines, in any case, are not “enchantment projectiles” or a one-shot fix for this ceaseless malady. Loss weight reduction solutions ought to dependably be consolidated with a system of adhering to a good diet and standard physical action. Continuously, listen to weight reduction specialists before taking any pharmaceuticals. Losing weight can likewise diminish indications of an assortment of conditions, for example, diabetes, back agony and issue of the spine, torment in the knee or legs, and numerous heart conditions. Weight reduction relies on upon the state of the individual which incorporates weight, wellbeing, calorie-admission, age, sexual orientation, and way of life, anxiety level and schedule.

For some individuals weight reduction is a difficult task. It turns into an interminable battle, lose a pound here, and pick up a pound there. Most prevailing fashion eating regimens come up short in the long haul for weight reduction achievement in light of the fact that they neglect to address the primary purpose behind the weight gain, you must change you’re dietary patterns to see persevering weight reduction. Be that as it may, don’t lose trust numerous have tackled this weight reduction challenge before you and have won and you can as well. I’m certain you might want to realize what they did to appreciate this weight reduction achievement.

Individuals who are fruitful at weight reduction exercise. With a specific end goal to be a weight reduction example of overcoming adversity, you must work out. You may be stating: But I work out! Well yet do you practice no less than five times each week for around thirty minutes? Try not to have sufficient energy for thirty minutes of activity may be your next answer, would you be able to do three 10 minutes burst of activity. That would equivalents to 30 minutes of activity in a given day.

Practical 7 Day Diet Meal Plan

Losing weight implies knowing the weight reduction method. Taking weight loss supplements or diet pills is not the assured way of losing weight. You must follow a proper combination of healthy diet and regime of exercise to lose weight fast.

Losing weight does not mean skipping meals. Even eating at irregular times or instead of 3 meals eating one hearty meal is not helpful in reducing weight. Thus, ensure to plan a realistic weight loss prior to beginning the program of weight loss and achieve the target. Remember you can stretch your body with exercise and a healthy balanced 7 day diet meal plan.

A 7 day diet meal plan for weight loss is suitable people who wish to lose weight in quick turnaround time. There are actually several diet plans that fall in the category of 7 day diet meal plan to lose weight. A detox meal plan for 7 days is the best to lose the most in a week. In fact, it is also an ideal way of cleansing harmful toxins from the body and losing weight.

Another 7 day diet meal plan is to follow very low calories. The concept here is to consume fewer calories. In this meal plan calories must be counted before consumption so that you figure out the daily consumption and the weight to lose. This can be done by calculating gender, weight, age, height and body mass index.

The 7 day diet meal plan for weight loss refers to the meal plan falling in the detox diets category. The foods consumed here are fruits, vegetables, skim milk, lean meat and drinking lots of water (Per day 8 glasses). The meal schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Eat any number of fruits, except bananas.

Day 2: Eat any amount of vegetables and drink vegetable soups

Day 3: Eat salad, vegetables and fruits, but do not take soups.

Day 4: Eat five bananas, five apples and five glasses of milk For the remaining 3 days in a week eat fresh vegetables unlimited and can also include 12oz of meat.

In the 7 day diet meal plan to lose weight you can consider the cabbage soup diet as well. This is also one of the best detox diets. Cabbage is considered a negative energy vegetable and so your body burns more calories on eating and digesting the cabbage. So a person is likely to lose more weight on eating cabbage.

Making cabbage soup means take 1 small cabbage, 7 tomatoes, 6 medium onions and green peppers. Chop all add to water and boil, add spices and salt. This can be in the 7 day super slim, on Day 1 with other fruits. Day 2 cabbage soup, vegetables and boiled potatoes, Day 3 fruits, vegetables, cabbage soup and no potatoes, Day 4 eat 2 bananas, vegetables, fruits, fat free milk 1 glass and cabbage soup. Day 5 cabbage soup, tomatoes, 500 gms of fish or skinless chicken. Day 6 cabbage soup, green vegetables and meat and on Day7 intake cabbage soup, vegetables, brown rice and sugar free fruit juice.

Benefits of Coconut Water on Health and Beauty


Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts. Ripe coconut or mature coconut also has water inside it but the water from young green coconut has more beneficial effect.
Coconut water has many benefits in health and beauty.
Coconut water is a natural antioxidant. Regular consumption of coconut water helps to fight against the free radicals in the body which cause premature aging on skin and in the cells of all internal organs.

Health benefits of Coconut water:

It’s a natural sport drink or energy drink. You could give it the name as ” Phyto Gatorade”.

The coconut water contains potassium and minerals like sodium chloride, which acts as electrolytes during hot weather and in health problem like diarrhoea.

It’s a natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance which we have in our blood stream, so it aid to increase metabolism in weight loss.

Research says that the pulp in the coconut water is very similar to the plasma in human blood. So coconut water with pulp is very good for sports man and for them who do vigorous exercise.

Synthetic electrolytes have added sugar and artificial flavours inside but coconut water has its own natural sugar and flavour without any fat.

The potassium in coconut water acts as a natural remedy to lower high blood pressure. Research has found that coconut water has more potassium than a ripe banana.

Coconut water is a source of B Vitamins.
B vitamin serves specific functions that can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Therefore coconut water is an amazing natural treatment for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

It has been seen some cases that coconut water helps to dissolve kidney and urethral stones.
It’s an excellent source to maintain PH balance in the body and give the body a natural cooling effect.

It gives an instant effect to acid reflux; it plays an excellent role as a natural remedy for heart burn.

Doctors suggest coconut water as a drink during flu for detoxification of the virus that causes flu.

It’s an excellent booster to clean digestive tract and toxins from lever.

I have heard from a natural therapist while I was attending a seminar that drinking one cup of coconut water two times daily helps to get relief from chronic constipation and or any chronic indigestion problem due to week digestive system.

Coconut water contains Lauric acid which helps our body to create an antiprozoal activity to fight against intestinal worm and parasites.

Research shows that regular drinking one cup of coconut water can be helpful to get rid of the intestinal worms to children and adults. It is very effective for infants to kill their intestinal worm.
Coconut water in beauty enhancement:
Coconut water contains a plant hormone named cytokinins. This substance has an anti-aging effect on human cells. So applying coconut water regularly on skin enhance the elasticity of the connective tissue of skin and prevent age related mishap such as wrinkle and sagging.

Coconut water works well as a light moisturized toner on combination skin. It decreases the extra oil from the skin.

Coconut water is very beneficial as a Coconut water as Cleansing mask for oily skin. Mix it with any kind of base for example Multani Mati,

Cleansing Clay mask, clay powder and apply on skin.
Coconut water helps to reduce acne ,age spots and spot from chicken pox.

Mix coconut water with wheat grass facial mask clay powder,organic chocolate mask or French green clay powder and apply on skin. Keep it for 15-30 minutes ( without talking) and then rinse it off and follow with a good moisturizer.